Active Truth Mama Pregnancy Tights

Mama knows best: pregnancy tights, recovery shorts & feeding crops

Mama by Active Truth range of pregnancy tights, recovery shorts & feeding crop to support mums and mums to be.

save on health insurance

How Busy Mums Can Save on their Health Insurance

Save more than $600 a year on your family’s health insurance with a simple phone call and learn 4 things you need to know about your health insurance.

vuly trampline

Vuly Trampolines: Why Our Team Love Vuly!

Thinking about a trampoline for the kids? A Vuly trampoline is decision you’ll never regret. Encourage the kids outside and enjoy the many benefits of physical fun (plus the confidence …

Bright Star Kids labels for School

Bright Star Kids labels make going back to school a breeze. Never lose a school item again with the easy to use and gorgeously designed labels.

purposit group gifting app

Say No to More Stuff! How to Give (& Get) Better Presents for Your Kids

If you’re a mum you’ll know that sinking feeling when your child receives yet another huge wrapped boxed. Stuff you don’t need. They don’t really want. That will fill up …

Feversmart Thermometer by Nurofen for Children

Taking baby’s temperature – A Rough Guide for Parents in a Rough Patch

When your child has a fever you want to know how to manage it. Here is a guide on choosing a thermometer and taking your child’s temperature.

Tammin Sursok talks ABC Reading Eggs Junior

Tammin Sursok talks ABC Reading Eggs Junior

Tammin Sursok talks ABC Reading Eggs Junior and using it with her 4 year old daughter Phoenix to nurture her love of reading.

healthy picnic

Encouraging Healthy Food Choices

Encouraging healthy food choices with your children isn’t always easy.  Coming up with new ideas to encourage your kids to eat nutritious food can be exhausting.  So we have looked …

diverse city careers

Family friendly workplaces – how hard can it be

Diversity City Careers offers a register of Australian employers with family friendly work solutions for women eg parental leave and flexible work options.

Organix goodiea

Organix Toddler Snack Foods: Review

If you are looking for tasty snacks using organic ingredients and no unnecessary additives check out Organix toddler snacks with the NO JUNK promise.

balance buddy

Balance Buddy Review

We road tested Balance Buddy with our 2 year old product tester and found it is light weight, built tough and stylish – an all round winner

second taste test

Weaning your baby with Organic

Taste testing of Organix weaning range including the Organix feeding biscuits and the fruit pots. Food that comes with a no junk promise

Hivita Liquivita for Kids

There’s nothing more frustrating than being the mother of a fussy eater.  I can’t tell you how many times I have joked to friends that my hobby is preparing delicious, …

goat milk formula

Introducing Oli6 dairy goat formula

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Oli6 Breast milk is the most beneficial option for feeding your baby, however when this is not an option or you are supplementing feeding it is …

creative story stones

Creative Story Stones

My original intention was to gift the Creative Story Stones to my sister-in-law. With a very inquisitive 2 year old and a brand new bubby, she is in dire need …

Everyone Needs Mummas Little Helpers

Ever been on your hands and knees under the high chair picking up smooshed peas and grated carrot and thought, blooming heck, there must be a better way than this…? …

The Fairy Door Store

Fairy magic from The Fairy Door Store

The Fairy Door Store – bring a little magic to your children’s lives

Mikki and Me: More gorgeous gifts and adorable things than any mummy can seriously handle!

Mikki and Me baby boutique: Gorgeous gifts and adorable things every mummy will love

The best breastfeeding singlet ever…

Woo hoo. We have found the best breastfeeding singlet ever. Come and check out the bright bold colours, lovely soft material that this singlet offers

tootzy flootz

Father’s Day present: We love Tootzy Flootz + their custom baby outfits

If you’re hoping for ‘Level 10’ cuteness for your little one and ‘Level 11’ awesomeness for Daddy this Fathers Day you can’t go past a custom baby outfits from Tootzy Flootz.

personalised jewellery

Personalised Perfection in Mothers Day gifts!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that mum will REALLY want

Product: Safe Kidz Magnet

A nifty road safety product to solve those dreaded car-park moments with your children!  We see all sorts of cool and new products at Baby Hints & Tips HQ but …

{SPECIAL OFFER} Happy Mama ebook

The first chapter of Amy Taylor-Kabbaz’s new ebook,Happy Mama – A Spiritual Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood, is available for Baby Hints and Tips Members to download for FREE

Dettol Cleaning Products – Review

Due to my laziness very busy mummy schedule, I’m always keen to find new products that make cleaning faster and easier (I’m still waiting to find a magic cleaning wand). So I was very interested to see how Dettol’s  Floor Cleaning System and Power & Pure range fared with the mess left by my three littlies (and me *ahem*).

Review: Dettol Hand Wash Dispenser

When the Dettol No-Touch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser first came on the market, my first thought was “Why would you worry about getting germs from the soap pump if you are about to wash them anyway?”. So what did I think when I finally gave them a go?

Sponsor: Bubbler Deals

Introducing our new sponsor: Bubbler Deals.