Lunch and Snacks

rainbow biscuits

Yummy rainbow biscuits recipe


These are simple and delicious. I made them for my daughter’s after school play date and they only took 20 min to make and were cooked in 10. Quick and easy, perfect for a busy mum. There are also some hints on how to make them with natural colouring.

banana choc chip muffins

{RECIPE} Banana Choc Coconut Muffins


Allie from OneHandedCooks has cooked up a delicious muffin recipe, perfect for afternoon tea.

cheese and vegemite scrolls

{RECIPE} Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls


Allie from OneHandedCooks has another yummy recipe that is not only easy, but the kids will love.

{RECIPE} Snacks the kids will love


Included recipes: Banana and Berry Muffins, Pancakes, Muesli Slice, Yummy Easy Biscuits