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Celebrating A New Baby: 6 Top Gifts for New Mums

baby shower holding bodyby Kari Lloyd

Giving birth is one of the most momentous occasions in a woman’s life, and it is considered to be good etiquette to acknowledge new mothers by giving them a celebratory gift. In many cases, people choose to make the gift something that is actually for the newborn baby, but doing something to pamper the mother is also a good idea. After all, the mother has spent the past nine months carrying her child, and she will now have to endure an extended time period of broken sleep, changing nappies and all of the other challenges that accompany having a baby.

Top Gift Ideas for New Mothers

1. Jewellery

Most women love jewellery, and you can reference the happy occasion in your selection. For example, if the baby is born in July, you can give the new mother jewellery that includes a ruby to symbolise her child’s birthstone. Another popular option is to give a new mother a locket that has room for a photo of her newborn. Buying online can not only save you money, but give you a huge variety of jewellery to choose from.

2. Spa Gift Certificate

After spending several nights in a row without much sleep, having the chance to be pampered for a few hours will be an amazing experience. Therefore, many people choose to give new mothers gift certificates to the local day spa or their favorite salon. After all, it is important for everyone, including mothers, to have time to pursue their own interests and to take care of themselves.

3. Babysitting

Although it might not seem like a traditional gift, offering to babysit or pay for a babysitter for an evening will definitely make a new mother’s face light up. Even though she probably will not be able to take advantage of this offer for a while, she will definitely be ready for a break by the time she redeems this gift.

4. Nursing Pillow

If you want to make a new mother’s life easier while also giving her something that will help her with her infant, you should definitely consider buying a nursing pillow. These pillows make the nursing process much easier, and they will also provide the mother with much-needed support when she is trying to fall asleep.

5. Gourmet Coffee

Many new mothers rely heavily on coffee to help them get through the first few months. With this in mind, you can understand how appreciated gourmet coffee or a new coffee maker will be. If the new mother is not a coffee drinker, you can substitute with tea.

6. Streaming Subscription

Being a new mum means sleepless nights and plenty of time in front of the telly. Streaming services for movies and television shows, like Netflix, will make it easy for them to enjoy some entertainment during their few spare moments or during night feedings. As an added bonus, there are several programs that each service streams that are aimed at babies and toddlers, and this will come in handy as the baby begins to become aware of the television.

Regardless of which item you decide to purchase, taking the time to buy something nice for a new mother will make her feel special. Keep in mind that becoming a mother is very time-consuming, and it also requires a large financial commitment. Therefore, gift cards and other similar items will definitely be put to good use.


Kari Lloyd

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