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Chair Soccer

chair soccerby Tanya

I have been looking for ways to increase my daughter’s ball skills in the hope that she will become more co-ordinated than me. The bar isn’t set too high. We had so much fun with this game.

Miss 4 and I had a chair each (our goals) and a soft, square block served as our ‘ball’. We started the game with the ball in the middle and the chairs placed at each end of the room. The aim was to kick the ball through our own goal and score a point.

We kept score on a chalk board outside. Miss 4 took great delight in running outside to add yet another point to her score. We also included Miss 2, who needed a bit of help to kick the ball, and Miss 6 months scored a few points when the ‘ball’ was kicked through her goal (highchair). Miss 6 months thought the whole game was hilarious and loved watching from her highchair above.

You can vary this game to suit your child’s age and your available space. Play outside with full size chairs and a soccer ball. Put a washing basket at each end as a ‘goal’ and throw bean bags into it.

We laughed, we pushed, we cheated, we ran, we jumped, we had a fantastic time. Along the way we picked up some new ball skills, practiced our mathematics, took turns and exercised. Miss 4 asked if we could play every day.

I cant wait to play it every day too.

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