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Choose the Best Car When You’re Expecting with Ken Mills Toyota

 Your life is about to change – and so is your wheels! Ken Mills Toyota are here to make this tricky decision easy with expert tips for expecting mums…

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If you’re pregnant it’s definitely time to ditch that little tiny hatch or zippy, sports number. Choosing a new car to suit your new family is on the agenda – here’s how to get this big decision right!

Many things in life change when you have a baby on the way and often your car is one of them. Choosing can seem overwhelming especially as parenting can be unknown territory and you may not really know what makes a ‘good’ family car. However if you establish a few basic needs a trusted dealership can guide you on the new family wheels you’ll be delighted to drive.

Should I buy a new car now or wait for baby to arrive? Ken Mills Toyota says buy now!

To choose the best car when your expecting it’s always advisable to move sooner rather than later. Having a new baby can be a demanding time and making big decisions with little sleep and a lot of extra hormones is definitely not advisable. Buying when you are pregnant also means that time is on your side to research, test drive and even wait for customisations to be made to your chosen vehicle after you purchase. Don’t delay, this is definitely a decision best made now.

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What is the safest car for a family?

Safety is paramount when buying the best car when you’re expecting. With a baby on the way safety and reliability will be of the highest priority. All new cars in Australia are rated under the ANCAP system meaning they have been tested to rigorous standards. Popular cars such as the RAV4, Camry and Kluger all have a five star rating meaning you can rest assured you and your family will be as safe as possible on the road.

Your car sales associate will be able to tell you the ANCAP rating of the cars you are considering as well as walk you through the many safety features of each model. The team at Ken Mills Toyota always advise that safety should be the most important guiding factor in your decision making. If you want to know more about ANCAP ratings you can research here. No matter what car you’re considering this is a must check!

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Take our advice –  you want space, space and more space!

Your days of picking up your purse and running out the door are definitely over. With a baby on board you’ll likely be driving the streets with a nappy bag, pram, capsule and more on board. Boot space is always key when choosing the best car when pregnant.

An expert tip from Ken Mills Toyota is to buy your pram before your new car. Bring your pram to the dealership and actually check how it fits and the ease of getting it in and out of the car. Extra features like the power back door on a Rav4 can be a real blessing when you have your hands full!

Of course space is also key if you plan on having more than one child. Try and think bigger picture when you’re choosing the best family car when pregnant. A seven seater might seem over the top now but if you have a big family in mind its a wise choice. Don’t forget to also assess front-to-rear space which means the amount of leg room and head height for drivers as well as rear passengers – that little baby will definitely grow up! Comfort for everyone is an important consideration.

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Try before you buy for the best family car!

Nothing tells you how you feel about a car more than driving it. While many factors will change once bubs arrives, how you feel in a car, the driver experience and the driver visibility definitely won’t. Test drive all the options you are considering and see what feels right to you – being a mum doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy driving a great car.

Expert tip from Ken Mills Toyota: Even if you feel nervous be sure to test drive your new car yourself. Your sales associate will be alongside you to walk you through the features and make you feel confident and comfortable. Never be embarrassed to ask to drive more than one model.

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Think about after sales service

When choosing the best car when pregnant it’s a great tip to also factor in after sales service. Buying from a dealership like Ken Mills Toyota can make the experience easier with long warranties, courtesy car support, Toyota Express Service (to get you back on the road quicker) and a comfortable lounge should you need to wait with bubs. The little things can make a big difference once you’re a mumma!

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a new car reputable dealers will also have second hand vehicles that offer the same benefits. Look for a Certified Pre Owned vehicle to enjoy peace of mind and avoid the many pitfalls of buying privately.

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Choosing a new car is an exciting time!

There’s many changes ahead  – being pregnant is such an exciting time. Choosing the best family car for your future family need not be a stressful or daunting experience.

Do your research, establish a budget and connect with a trusted dealer who can give you support and advice. Here’s to your fabulous new wheels mumma –  and many years of safe driving! 



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