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Christmas Colouring Pages – FREE DOWNLOADABLES!

Your kids will love getting into the Christmas spirit with these Christmas colouring pages.  Simply click image for a FREE printable image.  These are a great activity to distract your children at the many Christmas parties and events your family inevitably attend over the festive season.  You could add a few of these Christmas colouring printable to your child’s Christmas Eve box.

We have ideas at the end for ways you can upcycle your child’s Christmas artwork.

Jesus with the 3 wise men Christmas colouring printable

Christmas colouring printable : Christmas nativity with three wise men | Baby Hints & Tips

Santa and children Christmas colouring page

COLOURING : Christmas-santa-with-kids

Christmas penguin colouring printable

COLOURING : Christmas-penguin

Christmas angel colouring sheet

COLOURING : Christmas-angel

  Christmas nativity colouring sheet

COLOURING : Christmas-nativity

Christmas elf colouring sheet

COLOURING : Christmas elf | Baby Hints & Tips

Santa at the window colouring printable

Christmas santa peeking in the window free colouring page | Baby Hints & Tips

Children at Christmas tree colouring sheet

COLOURING : Christmas boy and cat with tree | Baby Hints & Tips

Snowman colouring sheet

Christmas skating snowman printable | Baby Hints & Tips

Snowman and children colouring

Christmas boy and girl building snowman | Baby Hints & Tips

Santa and children in the snow colouring sheet

Christmas santa and kids winter background free printable | Baby Hints & Tips

Santa, Rudolph and Snowman colouring sheet

 CHRISTMAS COLOURING : Christmas-santa-on-sleigh

Ideas for recycling your child’s finished Christmas colouring printable:

Turn your child’s Christmas artwork into Christmas cards – if you print them on the right hand side of a landscaped A4 or A5 sheet, they will be ready to fold. You could keep them busy by asking them to create EVERY card you want to send out (or maybe a smaller list), or if they’ve done a super job, take it down to your local office store and ask them to colour photocopy them onto card – unique AND adorable!

Use their artwork as wrapping paper – this is a great way of avoiding sneaking them into the trash if you have nowhere to store them, without having to actually find somewhere to store them

Use the creations as Christmas decorations – buy some cheap frames and display them either on a shelf or hanging on the wall.  Once Christmas is over you can then use the frames for next year’s creations.  Remember you do not need to keep every piece of art your child creates, a photo of their artwork will help you treasure the creation for years to come.

Do you have any nifty ways of using your child’s Christmas colouring printable sheets?

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