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Christmas Tree Hand Painting For Toddlers

Short on space or want a toddler friendly Christmas tree? This Christmas tree hand painting is something the whole family can be involved in, and it can be kept as a Christmas treasure for years to come. Really make it baby proof by laminating it once it is dry. Thanks to Tamara for the fabulous craft.

Christmas tree hand painting

You will need:
Water-based, non-toxic paints (it doesn’t have to be green, be as creative as you like)
Large piece of paper

How to:

1. Paint or roll paint onto little one’s hands (bigger kids can dip their hands into plates of paint) and stamp hands onto paper. Don’t forget to make it wide down the bottom and narrower towards the top.

2. Paint or draw on a tree trunk and presents

3. In alternate colours, add decorations by using fingertips.

You don’t have to stick with just paint. You can cut out baubles from different paper textures, glue on pompoms or use glitter glue. And don’t forget ribbon for the presents!

Hint:¬†Have a couple of damp facecloths and a bucket of water on hand for quick cleanup, and to prevent having to find a sink. If it’s warm you can also let the kids paint in the backyard naked – it’s a great sensory activity and clean-up is a piece of cake – just don’t forget the sunscreen!

We’d love to see you Christmas tree hand painting once it is finished, share a picture in the comments below!

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