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Circumcision in Melbourne, Victoria

circumcision in melbourneParents share their suggestions on where to go for circumcision in Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Where to get circumised in other states of Australia


  • this is in Melb. We have had both our sons done here by a Jewish Dr with 30yrs experience Our boys were done at 1 & 2 weeks old.    April
  •  Dr Hershel Goldman in Melbourne. There is Camberwell Road Medical Practice, Hawthorn East or Chandler Road Medical Practice, Noble Park. He is amazing!    Melissa
  • I used a doctors clinic in noble park Victoria, his name is Dr Goodman.    Jodie-Lee 
  • Both my boys done by Hershal in Dandenong…brilliant.    Carlie 
  • Cannot recommend Dr Goldman enough when you do darl…. my little man is now 6 & it was quick easy & so professional & no issues with healing….. Several of my other friends utilized him as well & as you can see from others many have as well.    Sherree
  • There is a clinic in the SE suburbs of Melbourne that offers it for all ages called circumwise. Very helpful and good.    Nic
  • Dr Goldman, Vic, he was brilliant! Good luck!   Kate 
  • Dr Hershel Goldman from chandler road clinic in noble park victoria…   Melanie
  • My obstetrician in Melbourne Lionel Steinberg also does circumcisions. We didn’t get our boys done but I know he does the procedure in his rooms at st Vincent’s private hospital on young babies (I think within first six weeks).    Tamsin
  •  Dr Lionel Steinberg in Melbourne. Very experienced.    Leah
  • Melbourne circumcision centre. Dr hersel is fantastic.   Leokardia
  • Dr Goldman in noble park Vic he is a Jewish dr and does them from birth. I personally have not used him but go to the clinic he works out of and he is always busy doing them, and all the others recommend him highly. If you need the phone number pm me.   Michelle
  • Dr Goldman in vic. He practices in noble Park and from amberwell. He’s apparently done over 30, 000 of them throughout his career. Our son was circumcised at 2 weeks by him and his recovery was brilliant … As if nothing had happened … highly recommended.    Adrina 
  • I had my son done at 3 weeks old…. He was done by a jewish doctor who runs one of the major clinics in the SE melb… amazing gentle man… did a fantastic job & have referred several friends to him.    Sherree

Greater Victoria

  •  I know someone who had Hershal (as mentioned above) and heard he was great!! Very happy. Otherwise Dr North in Geelong…just need a referral from your gp. We were extremely happy and know others who have been to him and were also very happy.    Sarah 
  • Ballarat urologist clinic does it. Had my son done there.   Jenna 
  • Dr Stewart Gough in Echuca. Or the Ballarat Day Surgery. We have used both and are happy with both. If you have any questions about them specifically, feel free to inbox me.    Prue

Do you have a recommendation for a doctor who performs circumcision in Melbourne, comment below

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  1. amma says:

    Dr Herschel Goldman at Chandler Road med center was awesome. Healed in around a week’s time. No issues. Definitely going with him again for our next boy.

  2. Amy says:

    We used Circumwise in Vermont South and they were brilliant. For those in Country Victoria, the Rich River Medical Clinic in Echuca perform circumcision up to 4 weeks of age.

  3. Lauren says:

    We had our five week old son done by Dr Hershel Goldman, Noble Park. Lovely man. Would recommend him for sure.

  4. AF says:

    Dr Hunt at Echuca Regional Health will do them before 4 weeks. Great doctor.
    Dr Gough at the same practise also performs then, he done a plastibell circumcision on my son at 6 weeks, but they don’t like to do them that late. He was very supportive, gave me his mobile to SMS any concerns regarding healing.

  5. Chris R says:

    Circumcision’s only research based benefits are from studies which have had one or more of their methodology, ethics, and overall data/findings challenged by multiple academics and academic boards; outing them as nonfactual if not deliberately misleading. Most of this is done deliberately by one or more of the key ‘researchers’ who more often than not have something to benefit out of finding a shred of concrete evidence that male genital cutting is medically desirable.
    As with FGM, which is a disgusting and barbaric form of sexual oppression with its roots firmly in diminishing sexual desire by decreasing sexual pleasure, MGM has 4 levels of severity ranging from a cut (or nick) of the skin through to total amputation of the glans and/or testes. In modern culture the removal of the ‘hood’ is the most common for boys, and the removal of the clitoral hood is the most common form of FGM. The main difference is that cultures who undertake FGM are well aware of it’s effect on sexuality, and quite often acknowledge this as the desired outcome. Somewhere in the last 200 years western culture has fought tooth and nail to give all races, and both sexes equality in almost all areas, but not when it comes to the genital mutilation of our sons and daughters. Most people are innocently ignorant on this issue and their opinions stem from a mixture of: social normality in their immediate community(s) (although globally MGM is quite uncommon), the perpetuation of incorrect and unsupported statements, and misleading research produced either for financial or emotional benefit to one or more senior researchers.

    For soon to be parents who, for no fault of their own, have little knowledge of this practice but wish to make an informed decision, sites and articles like this are very harmful. A well written article which seems to be adequately reinforced by statistics may be enough for some parents. With so much information available free and instantly now thanks to the internet boom, these parents will sooner or later either discover or be made aware of the heinous thing they allowed to happen to their child. Even if they are still happy with their decision they will have done so with the belief in what they read here. A permanent alteration to their child’s body will be based on deception.

    This isn’t to say that the author, or website owner have done this deliberately or with any malicious intent but as somewhere parents come looking for advice the advice provided should be accurate wherever possible (with the amount of information available from academia, medical bodies, and historical documentation this isn’t uninformed journalism, this is lazy and irresponsible presentation of lies and opinions).
    I sincerely hope parents at least look further into the subject prior to deciding if they are unlucky enough to be on this page at all.

    Please retract this page, and/or your whole site, until ethical reporting standards are met

  6. bl says:

    Many words Chris…but little meaning to us.
    Too many friends that haven’t done it have had sons live with terrible infections throughout their young lives…too cruel to watch… so circumcision was a must for my 3 sons 🙂