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Clingy 11 month old baby

clingy 11 month old babyMy 11 month old has become extremely clingy to me the past month. Not even my husband can hold or settle her if I am around. If she sees or knows that I am around she will cry until I pick her up. What are some gentle ways I can help her know she is ok if I’m not holding her? Can anyone share their experiences?

Peek a boo

  • Playing peek a boo is a great way to help with separation anxiety. Also talking as you walk into other rooms, telling her what you’re doing and singing so your daughter can hear her. Making it into a game is really helpful. It’s important that you support her during this phase as much as possible to help minimise her anxiety continuing later into her childhood. Sharon

Wonder week leap

  • Possibly a leap. Have a look at Wonder Weeks app. Tina
  • Yes, beginning a leap for my daughter today. Her birthday is on 15 of June but due date was on the 9th. Maybe yours is similar! Wonder weeks, always on point! Daniana

Object permanence

  • It is a very normal development stage. Look up object permanence – it’s all about that. Kyra

Pinky McKay

  • Check out Pink Mckay http://www.pinkymckay.com/loving-your-velcro-baby/ Mary

Secure attachment

  • I haven’t been through this yet but know a little about early development. As far as I understand this is a good thing – she has a secure attachment to you which is healthy. She will grow out of this to be a confident child. Don’t worry about it and go with the flow. She will grow out of it soon enough and by you being a carving parent will give her the confidence to go and explore and actually be a less clingy baby in the long run x Helen


  • Just talk to her distract her and possibly try to get your husband to interact play and distract a bit more. I tend to give mine a hug and kiss distract her with toys and continue what I need to do while talking to her or singing. Sharon
  • Keep her close, talk to her when you’re out of the room. It’s healthy seperation anxiety. The closer you keep them the faster it goes. Kimmy

Get them used to someone else

  • If she can see you just talk to her but let your husband keep holding her. Also try letting him hold her while you feed her (if you have stopped breast feeding) or vice versa so she can see him feeding her while you are holding her. If you keep on giving in and holding her when she is crying then she will learn that’s all she needs to do and also she may think there is something to worry about when other people are holding her. Tiffany

They grow out of it

  • My daughter did this and thankfully she grew out of it… I use to let her follow me everywhere and tell herĀ I’m just in here doing this you can come have a look / help if you like. I also use to call out to her when she was crying and say something like sweety mums just in here it’s ok I haven’t left… If and when I did leVe her I would always say it’s ok baby mum will be back in a second/minute/shortly/soon or I’ll be back soon / I’ll see you later… I’d also say things like can you be a big girl for dad/nan I’ll be back soon and when I come back can I have a big kiss and cuddle and can we play when I come back… She got the jist of it eventually. My son is still doing this but he will stay with dad fine after his 5min tantrum and is slowly starting to want to stay with nanny. Kirraleigh
  • Very common. My daughter did it around 1, and my son is starting now (nearly 10months) . I think it is cause they are realising that u are mum, protector, feeder, comforter and u are with them most of the time. It does pass though so just enjoy the extra cuddles. Leanne
  • ride it out, it’s normal, just give lots of reassurance & cuddles, she’ll figure out soon that you do come back, she’s just too little to understand this at the moment, every time she can’t see you she thinks it’s forever lol Kristel
  • Don’t worry it turns around so many times. Soon your husband will be the focus. It changes. Enjoy. One day she won’t want you to hold her at all. Kate

Comment below what you have done to manage separation anxiety and a clingy 11 month old baby.

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