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Cloth nappy at night

which cloth nappy at nightWhich cloth nappy do you use at night?

  • Baby Beehinds have a fantastic night nappy. Cassandra

Double Inserts

  • I use cloth nappies (mcn) and used a double insert at night which worked really well. Unfortunately now my little man is almost 2 he wets through even that so I use a disposable with a cloth nappy over the top at night and cloth during the day. Samantha
  • We use cloth at night and no issues, we use 2 inserts. We still have the occasional leak but mostly all good. Annaliese
  • We use Tots Bots Bamboozles with a cover, we like the Popolini brand, Rumparooz covers are good too!). Sometimes in older babies these need boosting, so just chuck an extra bamboo insert in if that’s the case.  Bamboo Pop Ins with the night booster are also good. Rosy
  • Sandman night nappies with a fleece cover. Bronwyn
  • I use Pea Pods with a night liner – lasts 12 hours. Jessica
  • Baby BeeHinds night nappies are fantastic. Chevaune
  • We use cloth nappies. At night we used them too, i just put 2 liners in instead of 1 for extra absorbency. But after morning sickness with no.2 we used disposables for 3 months to help my poor tummy DD couldn’t go back to cloth at night as it gave her rashes. So now we use disposables at night and cloth during the day. Kirsty

Disposable nappies at night

  • I use disposable at night and cloth during the day. Micah
  • I use Baby Bare Goodnight Teddies. Charlotte
  • Yep I use cloth ezi pezi nappiez they were inexpensive and work great. Jamie
  • I use Mallee Coco cloth nappies and use a combo of microfibre and 3 layer inserts for my 19 month old and a microfibre and 4 layer insert for my 5 month old. Lasts 8-10 hours. Lyn
  • We use a disposable overnight for both kids…a cloth just struggles with a 12 hour stint. Elana
  • Disposable at night. Cloth during the day. Best thing I ever did. Kimberley
  • Bamboo booster. Kyra
  • Huggies, cloth only during the day. Renee
  • Grovia one great night time nappy. Elithia
  • baby beehind fitted night happy and itty bitti bums all in 2s with night time booster. Sharna
  • We haven’t had any issues using cloth at night (but my little guy is just seven weeks – he still gets up to eat once during the night). We use “best bottoms” brand. If he does have issues, we are going to try a “fitted” type cloth diaper, per a friends recommendation. Heidi
  • disposable at night, cloth just doesn’t cut it through 12hr sleeps, I got sick of washing baby, clothes and sheets every morning. Bec
  • Baby bare- Bear cub AIO with trifold booster. Holds all night for 12 hours for my 15 month old. Sarah
  • I was putting a booster in my cloth nappies, but it still wasn’t cutting it – bub is a heavy wetter and would wet through 2 of those nappies a night – all through his PJs, sleeping bag and onto his sheets. I’ve given up trying to fix it, so I’m just using a disposable at night now. In terms of cost and environment it’s about the same – I have to use more electricity, water, and washing powder if I use cloth. If you’re super concious about the environment, there are a brand of disposable nappies that are biodegradable. I’ve also heard of some people putting a biodegradable overnight menstrual pad into their cloth nappies to boost it because they couldn’t find/afford the nappies. I don’t know if that worked or not though. Lisa
  • SHP Sandman. (Sustainable Hemp Products). Best night nappies EVER. Monique
  • i use Issy Bear Nappies at night (and day!) the bear snaps! they do up on the side and come higher up the tummy as well as having an extra layer of absorption. cant recommend them enough!! htps:// Jenna
  • I’m doing MCN but use disposables at night, find he sleeps for longer. Longest sleep so far is 7.5 hrs. Jen

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  1. AvatarBec says:

    Rawr night nappy with a bamboo trifold insert and a bamboo hourglass insert. There is also a booster layer sewn in but has a pocket for additional boosting. My DD is a heavy wetter at night and sleeps 12–14 hours. Never had a leak.

  2. I am totally agree with you. I am also user of cloth nappy for my baby. It is easy to use and easy to changeable. I am satisfied on it. I suggest to other mom for use it. Thanks for the sharing such a helpful article.