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Controlled crying in a toddler

crying toddlerI’ve decided to try controlled crying with my 14 month old. He use to be a perfect sleeper until he got quite sick now he wakes out of habit 3+ times a night. He is breastfed and won’t settle unless he sucks from me (he rarely drinks the milk over night, and refuses dummies). I’ve decided to start on a Friday as I’m hoping the roughest nights will be at the start.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated please.

  • We did it with our son for similar reasons. It worked wonders. I don’t really have any tips though. Simone
  • I have always control cried my son so don’t feel bad sometimes you have to try a little tough love once you’ve tried everything else. Goodluck Ashleigh
  • Controlled crying is fine if you do it correctly. Do your research and set yourself rules like no eye contact no talking. Its very effective if done correctly and like you say he is just in a cheeky habit after being sick. Natalie
  • It’s all about consistency!!! We had the same issue with our dd and after 2 or 3 nights she got it. If we went into her room we didn’t talk or make eye contact!! Good luck Clenton
  • You can do this. It will be a couple of rough nights but he’ll get better. I had to do control crying at 18 mo as nothing, and I mean nothing else worked for her. We would time her by listening to her cries. If it’s full on hysterical cry after 2 mins, we would go in, shush and pat her then leave. After that we’d listen to her cries and set the timer for 5 mins. If she full on cried for 5 mins, then we’d go back in. However, if the crying stopped or slowed down, then we’d reset the timer. We have done 10 min and 15 min intervals as well. We’d listen for signs she was giving up and growing more quiet. She would be fine the instant we’d walk into the room and scream the house down when we left so that’s why we ended up at 10-15 min intervals. Good luck! It can be done and your sleep will improve. Mel
  • Good luck to you. I did it with my daughter. It’s hard work and takes a lot out of you but for me, the benefits far outweigh anything else.
    Keep in mind that it may take a little while but be persistent. Keep it as strict as possible and be consistent. Ashleigh

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