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Coping with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis-GravidarumAny advice on how you are coping with Hyperemesis Gravidarum? Our mum asks our Community of Mums and this is what they said.

  • How to cope with hg.. It’s a tough one.. Try and focus on fluids.. I find lemonade and juice easier to stomach than plain water.. Ice also helps. I got really caught up on the weight loss and worrying about bub getting the nutrition he/ she needs from you (even if you can’t stomach a single thing) because bub is so small they will just take from your supplies.. Eat what your stomach says you can cope with.. For me it’s mainly starchy foods.. Toast, mash those sorts of things.. Swap from a multivitamin to folate.. My ob and gp both said this is perfectly safe.. I couldn’t stomach my multi without puking up my guts immediatly after. Megafol comes in the smallest size tablet for folate available so that’s what I use. Rest as much as you can.. I am still working 12hr days and it kills me.. But if I could I would take some leave. Keep puke bags on you at all times.. Some in your bag, some in your car and a bucket next to the bed. I find I am much more sick if I let myself get hungry.. So I try and have a small amount of food every time I start feeling hungry or nauseous (harder than it sounds) so keep some snacks on you at all times. Try not to be stubborn.. If your having a day where you can’t keep anything down go to emergency for fluids and IV meds.. You will feel better faster and be home quicker if you goes before it gets unbearably bad.. I am 14 weeks and have had 4 hospital trips so far.. The first was 2 days as I let it get to the point I could barely move before going to hospital. And my life saver ZOFRAN! I know lots of people are against taking meds during pregnancy.. But honestly I would not have survived this far without it.. My gp has said it is perfectly safe during pregnancy as has my ob.. And ignore those who say the dose is twice a day.. I went from two doses a day to 3 doses and it made a world of difference.. I just have smaller doses more frequently but you can have as much as 8mg three times daily.. Ask your gp if you’re not already on it! And the biggest thing mentally is to try and take one day at a time.. You will have good days and bad days.. But just focus on where you are currently.. Earlier on I kept focusing on the fact I still had x number of weeks to go and I couldn’t cope with the thought.. Now I just hope like hell it passes but accept that it mightn’t.. I am happy for you to pm me if you need to chat to someone who understands hg. Good luck xx Georgie
  • HG is a bitch, sorry you’re going through that. Zofran was only thing that helped and I just had to ride it out. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help, I didn’t and ended up hospitalised several times. If you are dehydrated the hospital can also give you IV fluids Ruby
  • I suffered with it both times, all I can say is just take it day by day n keep fluids up even if it means tiny sips I even had issues washing my face as it would make me feel ill enough to vomit, I only ate what I was craving and found soft fruits stayed down well, I feel for you both mine past at 14 weeks and 16 weeks hang in there bub will take what it needs from you regardless of how much you eat I lost about 8kg both times n both bubs are healthy as Emma
  • Hydralyte, focus on fluids and also check your prenatal vitamins if you are taking a mix one like elevit it can make it worse. Its better to take just folic acid and iodine! I suffered until 32 weeks with my first and 14 weeks this time and was given so many nausea medicines nothing helped.. Crushed ice, hydralyte and small frequent meals but nothing heavy! Kathleen
  • I had it my entire pregnancy, it’s horrible! Get a prescription for zofran wafers. They do cost a bit but they do ease the symptoms better than other medications. Good luck with it all. Skye
  • You should start with the safest drugs/natural therapies and work your way up only taking what you need. Are you familiar with pregnancy drug categories? 1. Super safe stuff is ginger tablets used commonly for travel sickness, sucking in lemon slices, or lemon water etc… 2. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is category A and can be found in combination with Doxylamine (an antihistamine which can make you drowsy marketed as ‘sleep aid’) is also category A. I think it’s marketed as Diclectin or something but I couldn’t find it so I made my own equivalent combo. 3. Metoclopramide marketed as ‘maxolon’ is also category A. 4. Ondansetron marketed as ‘zofran’ is category B1 or B2 depending on country and is the most commonly prescribed drug for morning sickness in the US. It’s very popular I think it works well although I never used it when pregnant as it’s was cat B but I think next time I will probably use it. 5. There are other antihistamines with varying categories which you and your GP can investigate what you feel safe with. 6. Hospitalization for IV fluids. Don’t feel bad, just do what’s best for you and your baby. Hope this helped Lucy
  • I had HG until 3 days after my son was born and had multiple scans and admissions and weekly follow ups being high risk. It sucked and I feel so bad for you!! You just need to keep trying things til you find that something that works for you. Zofran didn’t work for me…but nothing worked for me. I was constantly ill and working full time. I lived off sipping water (by sipping I don’t mean a mouthful) all day and I’d buy scrambled eggs first thing or make rice and have a small spoon of it at a time and it would literally last me all day just having a small spoon every now and then. I also stopped taking Elevit at the advise of my specialist as it just made me worse. My pregnancy was HORRIBLE however TOTALLY worth it once my son was born. Talitha
  • Sounds crazy but try apple cider vinegar. You can have it by itself or in a little water. It helped me heaps (any vinegar) I cut apple into thin strips and dip it in vinegar. Was the only food I could keep down for weeks. Ate it after throwing up and felt way better. Worth a try I say Amanda
  • Hydralyte is good but I don’t think anything actually helps! I’m 22 weeks and have suffered with it since the day I found out. I have been in and out of hospital and they have been so good! Don’t hesitate to go in it makes u feel much better on a drip and they let u rest. Hope u feel better soon Ash


  • hydralyte and dry toast Erin

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