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Coping with Separation Anxiety in 6 month old

separation anxiety in baby

Separation anxiety in Baby

I think my 6 month old DD has separation anxiety, she cries if she can’t see me in the room and when I put her to bed she wakes up as soon as I put her down even if she is fast asleep. Has anyone gone through this/got any ideas to help with this? Id like to be able to spend time with my partner again and have some me time in the evenings! I don’t want to let her cry it out in her cot, I’ve tried and it just isn’t for us.

  • Talk to her when you’re out of sight. Reassure her you’re there. Using a baby carrier during the day can ease seperation anxiety at night Kimmy
  • I had the same problem then I ended up putting my little one in the grow bag sleeping bags and when I put her in the bassinet I left my hand on her for about an min or so and just shhhhhh her till I knew she was back asleep my midwife told me about the whole leaving pressure on them so they like you are still holding them. Kathrine
  • My 7 month old who had always been a fantastic sleeper has for the past few weeks going through separation anxiety. Suddenly he does not want to get in his cot anymore to sleep. As soon as I put him in he screams non stop and gets very distressed. I have tried staying next to him and comforting him, I have even tried leaving the room to see if he would settle himself but the screaming gets worse and because he is so distressed and not just protest crying I don’t like to walk away. Appreciate any tips! Sarah
  • I had the same thing with my daughter from about 7 months. Was given so much advised etc but nothing was working. All I could do was make her feel safe, against all the advise books etc. I would settle her in our bed with her milk and lots of cuddles every night until she fell into a deep sleep could take hours then I would carefuy carry her into her cot and put her in it fast asleep. Then gradually I would take her into her cot when she was almost asleep and sit next to her cot holding her hand until she feel asleep then I got it to the point that I could put her in cot sit with her and then leave before she was sleeping. Sounds a really long process but by the the time she turned one she was great and now I say to her bedtime and she gives me her wee hand and walks me to her cot big kiss and cuddle and in her cot and sleeps for 12 hours. I tried everything and the controlled crying ended In her being sick evertime. This softly softly approach was hard work and not instant but has work out well. Hope that helps Claire
  • Comfort him every cry is a genuine cry try not to get caught up in the type of cries….babies cry to communicate and connect not manipulate as some would try and make you believe…his having a hard time at 7months old needs you to support him, the more babies are comforted the less they cry…his emotional system is not designed yet to self settle or manage this.. Natalie
  • Could you try putting the side down & sitting near the cot while he plays in there with some toys? Make it not just a sleeping place until he gets more comfortable in his cot & isn’t scared. Nikster
  • My bub went through that phase along with other bubs in mothers group. It was as though they all of a sudden realised they were being left, could be just a phase. I guess you can either cuddle bub to sleep or keep going in to reassure bub, maybe give a cuddle to calm down but then put bub down. Just do whatever works for you. But I think they just need some sort of reassurance. Kat
  • Hang in there! I remember going thru this with my dd. it will pass! I seriously can’t remember how we got thru it, but hang in there!! Bec
  • it’s a phase separation anxiety hits a peak around 7-9 mths. Keep comforting as this will make him feel safe, reassured and let him know you will be there for him when he needs you. I found this stage the hardest but it does pass just hang in there. Samara
  • my baby is turning 7months & he has never slept in his cot during the night he cries until u remove him but day times he sleeps i dont know why… Monica
  • The book “save our sleep” helped me. Anything is worth a go Hayley
  • Sidecar the cot to your bed Kimmy
  • my son is going through that at the moment too hes 10 months we have moved his cot back into our room which is helping hes awake for ages playing then gets a wee bit grizzly but sleeps through when he finally falls asleep Whitney
  • How long do you try to comfort? I know that when my son went through separation issues at sleep time that he’s a stubborn little one, that it took about half hour for him to calm down sometimes. You just gotta be strong, consistent and persistent. If you start off by sitting on the floor, doing what you can to calm him and encourage him to lay down and go to sleep. When the time it takes to settle is less and less time then you can work your way towards the door, and eventually getting out the door. I called Ngala about my son and this was their advice, it worked. Also maybe playing in his room throughout the day so then it’s a happy place for him, not foreign. Good luck. Emma
  • I am having this problem also with my 5month old- only started a week ago when I went out for a night with my sister (first night or since bubs was born). Any ideas people?? I just don’t understand, she is a great sleeper, only ever waking once for a feed but now wants to sleep in my bed at night. She still sleeps in a cot at daycare and at home! Samantha

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