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DIY Christmas Bonbons

DIY Christmas Bon Bons or Christmas Crackersby Kristin

These are prepacked DIY ones from Spotlight but to make your own is simple and you can have your own personalised Christmas crackers.  These also make a great present for school friends or teachers.

Use up last years wrapping paper, or if you want them to fit with your Christmas colour theme use a Christmas paper that co-ordinates your table setting.

You will need:

– Empty toilet rolls

– Medium weight Christmas wrapping paper (or if you have the time, get some butchers paper and have the kids decorate the paper and use that instead)

– Ribbon

– Trinkets

– Tape

– Tissue paper (to make party hats)

– Paper and pen
– A ‘dad’ for all those bon bon dad jokes (or do a search on Google)

– Cracker sticks (can be purchased from craft stores)


-First make your party hats with the tissue paper. Measure your children’s head and cut  a wide strip. Make it into a crown by cutting triangle shapes along the top

– Using the Christmas wrapping paper, wrap a tube around the toilet paper roll

– Tie a ribbon around one end

– Pop joke, trinket, party hat and cracker stick inside

– Wrap other end with ribbon

Your Christmas Bon bons are complete!

Check out some other Christmas craft and get your kids into the festive spirit with some DIY creations.

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