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Marble Painted Christmas Baubles

painted christmas baublesby Tanya

We love making homemade gifts and what better than handmade marble painted Christmas baubles. My kids had a ball making these and they look amazing. We are going to attach little gift tags and use them as teacher gifts, as well as for family and friends.

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Marble Painted Christmas Baubles

You will need:
Empty Glass Christmas Baubles
Paint (use bright bold, good quality paint)
Clean-up supplies in arms reach (tissues, dust pan , bin etc)

How to: 

1. Set up with a tray so baubles don’t roll away, and tissues or similar to wipe up spills

2. Dilute paint down with water until it’s pourable.

3. Remove cap from top of bauble. Slowly and gently pour paint into the bauble running it down the side.

painted christmas baubles

4. Alternate colours. We found 2 colours worked best. Roll gently to mix the colours a little.

painted christmas baubles

Safety note: The baubles are glass and will shatter if dropped. Be ready for a clean up and keep little feet away while cleaning up any glass.

glass christmas baubles

What Christmas decorations have you made before? Any for this year?

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