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Creative Story Stones

My original intention was to gift the Creative Story Stones to my sister-in-law.

With a very inquisitive 2 year old and a brand new bubby, she is in dire need of some engaging toddler activities. Moreover, there is no better critic than a Mum who is juggling sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, housework AND entertainment for a little one!

The parcel lay on the back seat of the car awaiting delivery.

School pick up and my six and 10 year old pile into the car. Not letting anything pass their scrutiny they were onto the package in a flash. Somewhat out of character, I let them open the parcel to reveal what was hidden inside. Okay, to be truthful I was feeling a little exhausted after re-entering the workforce the week prior. This way I could avoid a car trip filled with desperate pleas to see what was inside, thinking that they would soon realise it was something pitched at younger children.

story stonesI was wrong. My daughter loved the illustrations and had fun revealing each stone to my eagerly awaiting son. When the collection was complete, he promptly said he was going to get Daddy to play with them when he got home. Daddy obliged and they were in complete raptures with silly made-up stories. The game extended for at least 45 minutes.

I felt a little mean when I gathered up the Creative Story Stones to finally deliver them to their intended recipient.

The guilt quickly subsided – my little niece was 110 per cent engaged! She quickly related the stones featuring an adult male and female to being her ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’. Then her imagination really fired. ‘Daddy drove his yellow car to get an icecream … and there was a dog … like Anty Nel’s puppy,’ she said with unbridled enthusiasm.

Even more surprising was how she treated the stones. They were not a two dimensional storyboard. She gathered up two stones at a time and had them ‘interacting’ or ‘communicating’ with each other by placing the picture side of the stone facing inwards. She also enjoyed stacking them on top of each other, just for the fun of seeing the stack topple over.

The Creative Story Stones get the thumbs- up.

I really look forward to the sets being expanded, particularly if they are themed (e.g. zoo animals, off to school). Until that time, it could be a good excuse to head outside, find some rocks, and draw any missing characters on them.

You can get your own Creative Story Stones here and get your kids started on creating their own stories.

Article sponsored by Creative Story Stones. 

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