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11/10 Cool Dad Builds Family a Beach in their Backyard

backyard beach

Yeah, yeah. Your dad is awesome too. But did he build you a backyard beach?

Thought as much. Well, enter the coolest dad alive.

We’ve found him and he deserves the title hands down. Alex Greco is his name – and check out the resort-like home that he built for his wife and kids. You’ll probably want him to adopt you too.

No pun intended but life’s always a holiday for the Greco family living in this incredible home. With a backyard beach of their very own it’s truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Dad designed the whole home including the backyard beach

Dad Alex designed the entire four-bedroom house, about an hour outside of Melbourne,  taking inspiration from architecture TV  and design magazines.

“For nights, I stayed up drawing sketches of homes perched up on hills. Having my own glass company, I wanted to add the beauty of large windows and a glass entrance as this would complement the beautiful views the land has to offer.”

Mr Greco said the backyard beach was his greatest design and building triumph, taking almost two and a half years to complete.

“As the land is big, a small square pool in the middle would have looked odd. So I went for a resort-style beach pool,” he said. “We wanted something with a waterfall and a rock feature the kids could jump off.”

The hardest part of the whole thing? Sourcing enough sand to make his own backyard beach.

But wait – the backyard beach is for sale and could be yours!

This unique Sunday Creek property has actually now been listed for sale with the family moving to the ‘real’ ocean now. The crew of four including mum and twin daughters Tahlia and Mia will soon move on to a more coastal location once the property sells. It’s listed in the range of $1.2-$1.3m.

The five-year-old acreage home is bursting with features and includes a home office, cinema, off the chain wine cellar and a spacious dressing room that would make even a Kardashian glance twice.

And if one watering hole isn’t enough for you, there’s a naturally fed dam filled with yabbies and fish. It’s actually large enough to paddle a canoe on. Or go fishing. Yes – life at Sandy Point really could be a full time holiday!

And there’s a mystery feature to boot!

And to add a little more intrigue – there’s a teaser from the seller that’s really got us stumped…

“The home does come with one more hidden surprise for the owner who will know once he or she purchases,” Mr Greco said.

OH MY GOD Alex. We just crowned you coolest dad of all – can’t you just put us out of our misery and tell us? (Is it a roller coaster? Christian Grey style dungeon? Underground mini golf course? Who knows?!)

A little closer snooping at the images however does show a giant horse statue at the entrance, this could be it. Or is it….?

This article was first on realestate.com.au and you can find the full listing for the property there. Images via the selling agent Ray White Craigieburn. 

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