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Dealing with new pregnancy with a 6 month old

I am currently expecting baby no.4 however I have a baby already at home who has just turned 6 months old. Im struggling to come to terms with it as my gp is pushing her opinion on abortion saying it’s too close of an age gap with my 6 month old. Some family members are being rather negative and its really getting to me. Its getting to the point where I almost feel like terminating just to drop the whole thing.Β It’s just hard as I have a 5yr old a 2yr old and 6 month old. Im getting different views from people going on about the risks of having babies born so close together. I was told that the body hasn’t fully healed since my last vaginal birth in may and it’s not ideal to have siblings so close in age.

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  1. AvatarSimone says:

    Our younger two r 11 months apart n we had 3under3 plus my fiancΓ© works away n we cope jus fine
    Don’t listen to their crap…n get a new gp…

  2. AvatarMelissa says:

    My baby boy is 6 months old and I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant with the next. Ours was planned like this and my doctor and Ob were both for it πŸ™‚ I found out I was preg again when bub was 3.5months old πŸ™‚

  3. AvatarBec says:

    I conceived my second daughter when my first was 7 months old. They are now 23 months and 7 months old. I did get a lot of comments from people when I told them I was pregnant ‘wow did you mean it’ and ‘your going to be busy’. I had a very difficult pregnancy, but this was due to a thyroid disease and gestational diabetes, nothing due to the pregnancies being close. My first birth was natural with an episiotomy, second was a natural with only a small tear, no stitches. It is very busy when the new baby arrives but you just have to be very organised. I prepare dinner during the day so when dinner time comes it only needs to be put in the fry pan or oven. A lot of people have babies this close. The best part is that your other child should still be having a nap, and I worked it out so they both napped at the same time in the afternoon allowing me to have 1-2.5 hrs alone. After the first few months it gets a lot easier and very enjoyable watching to 2 play together. Good luck and I hope you can see the positives and don’t let people bring you down

  4. AvatarSherree says:

    Firstly I would be changing gp’s how dare she force her opinion of termination on you. They should be supportive & giving you options from every avenue.

    Secondly, I don’t believe that your body can’t handle it…. Look at these women that have had 20 odd babies, they’ve been popping them out practically one after the other.

    Thirdly, it is a decision for you & your partner & no one else

    Forth, just remember it will be 9 months down the track so your eldest that will be at school, your other two younger ones will be a year older so a lot easier to manage & you can get them to help you when you need things & you can make it into a little game for them.

    I think you will do just splendidly… At the moment your, as expected, in a bit of shock, but be happy enjoy the time with the little ones and the pregnancy.

    Just breathe relax & all will be fine…. The universe only sends us what we can handle

    Big hugs & wishing you all the best

  5. AvatarFlossy says:

    My DS is 15mths older then my newborn DD, yes its hard but I think my experience is and will be different to yours due to you having other kids, what did you do to prepare your kids for their younger siblings? . My DS loves his sister now wasn’t fussed on her when she was first born, I did make sure he would go down by himself and can entertain himself when needed.
    And to do with birth my DD was 7lbs which is very small for my family, I put that down to having them close together and my body not having enough goodness for her, but shes caught up on her own now, plus side of a small baby was she pretty much fell out.
    When people mention the small gap, I always think of the women back when they didnt have contraception or the good catholic families pumped bubs out one after the other, back then they didn’t have many of the luxuries we have now yet they made it.
    Good Luck, but I have a feeling you wont need it πŸ™‚

  6. AvatarLisa says:

    I can understand your fear. Honestly, how dare anyone try to tell you to abort! That is yours and your partners decision only and other peoples opinions shouldn’t be voiced. I think you need a new GP, I expected mine to TSK TSK me when I fell pregnant again with a 7 month old but she just congratulated me once she saw I was overwhelmed but happy and started preparing scan and blood test referrals.

    If you believe you can do this then you can. From everything I have seen and read, babies that are closer together seem to be easier. I wish you luck mumma and I do believe you can handle what comes. I would simply suggest you tell others that this is not their decision and they need to shut up.

  7. AvatarMumof2under2 says:

    Hi. First of all congratulations! Take a deep breath and relax. Everybody’s opinion really doesn’t matter. What you need to figure out is if you and hubby want the baby. Friends and families opinions don’t matter and in this case your doctors personal opinion especially doesn’t matter. I think you need to find another more supportive dr. They shouldn’t be giving their personal opinion anyway, they are there for support and knowledge! Anyway, if you want to have this baby there is no reason you can’t. You’ve had normal births and no complications I assume so no medical reason not to. I was pregnant with my second when first was 8 months old, a little later than you but fairly close together. My second was born when first was 17 months old. I’m not going to lie, it is really hard but it’s mostly organisation and prioritising that’s hard not the actual kids if you know what I mean. My 2 are now 2.5 years and 9 months old and are best friends! It gets easier the older they get. My tip is to get the younger ones to sleep at the same time in the arvo and a baby swing was a godsend! Also get a good carrier such as ergo or a wrap carrier to still get things done. Good luck! I found also the worry of how I would cope worse than actually going through it too. I hope you make the decision that is best for you and your family not what the dr or others not walking in your shoes think!

  8. AvatarEmily says:

    I have a 7 yr old a 4 yr old a 22 month old and a 4 month old I am married but I literally do everything by myself with very little to no help from anyone ! The hardest part of my day is bath time and bed as my 7 yr old has sensory issues and he is a hand full . You WILL make it work the best you can and I’m not going to sugar coat it it’s hard my 22 mth old and my 4 mth old are in sync with each other have naps and nappy changes at at the same time its one of the few things I can do to keep me sane . I also make all my kids go to bed at about 630 and they usually are asleep by 8 it’s my me time and you definately need it . Good luck

  9. AvatarBritt says:

    Wow! #1 that doctor should be reported ASAP! Doctors are meant to be supportive of your choices.
    You will be fine, go with what YOU want! I have a 7 month old and I am 2 months pregnant also. I know it’s a scary thing to come to terms with but as they get older, think of the benefits.. They will keep each iter entertained and be the best of friends. I’m so sorry you don’t have a supportive network around you like you deserve! When the baby gets here, you will not regret your choice.
    I recommend you think about it really hard. I had an abortion a few years ago and I think about it every single day. I do not recommend them! Goodluck! Follow your heart.

  10. AvatarKimberly says:

    I have three girls 2.5,18 months and 6 weeks. It’s hard but routine is the key. With my third pregnancy when I went to the dr she told me I was having a crisis and would not cope and she strongly recommended an abortion. Even when she was told the baby was planned she still wrote a referral to the family planning clini for an abortion. I ignored people’s negative comments. Ur family and ur choice. Hope all works out for u

  11. AvatarKyla says:

    Hi congrats I know you’re feeling overwhelmed but if you want this baby it’s nobody else’s business but yours and your partners, I have 13 months between my 2, 1 is 18 months the other is not quite 6 months and it’s busy but manageable the 1 thing I asked the ob at the hospital was is my body able to so this so close together and he responded with well we say 2 years between even with a natural but not because your body can’t do it but because you’re tired and you’ll get worn out but it’s not as bad as people make out. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do hugs and good luck with whatever you decide

  12. AvatarJemima Bekker says:

    It will be hard but definitely manageable. My two are 10 months and 1 week apart. Both vaginal births, both fantastic. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until 20 weeks plus so that was a shock and a half. Trust your body to do what it was made for!!

  13. AvatarAmy Sleeman's says:

    Congrats! Your doctor needs to shut their mouth, as do the negative family members!
    I got pregnant with my second baby when my first was 6.5 months (planned, just happened first go!)
    Can I just say how amazing I have found this gap!!! My body had no problems with the birth at all (both vaginal and quick!) however you will need to do pelvic floor vigilantly as I ended up with a bladder prolapse but that’s not necessarily related to having them close.
    But there is 16 months between my boys, they are the best of friends. My older son got involved with my pregnancy rubbing my belly etc and when the baby came, he was so gentle and loved holding his brother and I’ve found the age gap beautiful!!
    I’m currently expecting baby 3 although the gap will be 21 months this time and can’t wait!!
    You have done this 3 times already, you will adjust to 4 beautifully regardless if the age! Don’t stress about your body! I think it’s probBly in your favour that you had vaginal births over c sections! πŸ™‚

  14. AvatarSiti says:

    Firstly, congratulations!!!. Anyone that says having kids close together is a bad idea should be told to close their mouths and walk away and shame on your doctor for suggesting an abortion. In 5 years I had my 4 kids. My first two are 13 months apart and my other two are 15 months apart. At first I was a but upset falling pregnant with number 2 and then number 4 so soon after the others, but as I got near the end of each pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to hold my little ones and watch all my kids grow up together. It is hard and tiring at first but by taking it one day at a time, it’ll be easier to cope. Push away all the negative and take in all the positive that these ladies in the other post has given you. Be happy and enjoy your children and your pregnancy. If there are times you need to take a time out or just need to have a chat, go to a mothers group, Hope all goes well and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  15. AvatarStephanie says:

    My eldest son was 6 months, when I fell pregnant with our second son. I love their bond, they love each other so much. And miss the other when they aren’t together. They fight like cats and dogs but then best friends again straight after. I found it helped to sleep, rest when bubs does. Say twice a day and get things done during other sleeps. My boys are 15 1/2 months apart, next gab is 2 and a 1/4 to my daughter and they love her to bits too. And in my opinion, this is getting too big a gab. If this is what you want, go for it. Change GPs, find someone who is pro-life and agrees with you. Do what is best for you. Rest, enjoy your children as much as you can. They will remember you being there for them. May God bless you and all your little ones ox

  16. AvatarPippa says:

    I had my first two children only 12 months apart. Yes it is tough at first but in all honesty, it’s not that much tougher than having other subsequent children. Just think about how special their bond will be when they grow up- my two are best friends, they are at the same stages a lot of the time which means we get to do things all together- without the older (or younger) sibling being bored. My OB never mentioned that it was dangerous for me to have such a short age gap, if you aren’t feeling supported then I’d encourage you to find an OB who will support you. Best of luck no matter what your choice is.

  17. AvatarMumofthree says:

    Ive got a 4yr, and 11mnth old and one due in 4weeks. Yes it will be challenging but alot of people (eg grandparents) in the early days use to do it with 7+ kids and they birthed fine without the drugs n technology we have today. My partners grandma had 11, all pretty close with 2 sets of twins and she always said that women are stronger then you think and you just handle it the best you can and it works. Don’t do something that your don’t want to do just because everyone thinks its the best option for you. Your not out there to please anyone else and its your body, your choice. If your gp has told you the risks then at least you know. If you feel your being pressured change your gp as you dont want to look back regretting a decision made on someone elses views, not your own. All the best.

  18. AvatarRebecca Hohn says:

    A friend of mine has 4 children. 8, 7, 1 and 3 months. When the second last baby was 2 months old she found out she was expecting baby number 4. Although daunted about how hectic it was going to be having them so close together she is doing a brilliant job with them. Her older children are quite active but their home never seems chaotic. I think you really have to let the little things go. Maybe the dishes will sit in the sink all day, or maybe you’ve stayed in your pj’s all day. Whatever it takes to make your day easier so routines can be established.
    You’ll be fine, your not the first mother to have babies close together and you won’t be the last just go with the flow 😊