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Difficulties breastfeeding during illness and teething

breastfeeding difficultiesI have recently been sick and struggled to feed my son as I wasn’t able to keep anything down. Now I’m playing catch up and trying to boost my supply back up which is working but bub keeps pulling off and crying during feeds before reattaching and feeding for another 30 sec then repeats. It’s getting very difficult to feed him like this. I’m sure my supply is fine because often when he pulls off he has a mouth full of milk. He does have a tooth that is cutting through so maybe that could be causing him pain has anyone experienced difficulties breastfeeding during illness and teething?… I’m just feeling very disheartened at the moment and it’s taking the enjoyment out of feeding for us both.

  • my kids would often behave like that if they had oral thrush. Perhaps check his mouth to rule that out Karen
  • Mine seems to do that when he has wind…..took me a while to work it out as he acts like he’s getting frustrated and not getting enough milk but now I just stop and burp him and then he’s fine to continue. Jessica
  • I find the avent shields help with the latching Charley
  • yes my last was terrible at this I used bob heal before a feed and made an amazing difference Christine
  • Could definitely be teething, try get hold of adelaide womens and childrens hospital teething gel apply before a feed its the best Tracey
  • If its not wind and teething (rule out first) possibly are you eating / drinking something different. Or increased intake of any food or drink lately? Maybe spicy foods etc. it may make the milk taste bad? Otherwise. Consider it may be lactose intollerance. (They don’t need to have runny poo/ vomiting to have pain from lactose) was my girls problem and as soon as I changed her to lactose free its perfect. How old is baby too. Especially consider lactose if less than 4 months old xxx Stacey
  • When a baby is teething, sucking hurts their gums Amelia
  • was bubs on the bottle whilst you were sick? Sometimes babies prefer the bottle because it’s easier for them to feed with it. Keep persisting, and try the regular teething soothers as well xx Alicia
  • Mine does that when he has wind and teething issues too. Infacol helps with the wind. Kimberley
  • mine does that when she needs a burp, the next time she does it I take her off n burp her for a bit then she is fine and feeds normal again Samantha
  • my girl had trouble feeding when teething I put on bit teething powder Tht helped a lil Wendy
  • Yes I’m finding that now with my baby. She has her four top teeth on the way down Kelly
  • Mine does that when he has had enough, or isn’t hungry, is that a possibility? Have you been feeding him extra in order to boost your supply?It could also be teething. Melissa
  • yes that happened when my son was teething – I had to express for three days as he took to a bottle thank goodness, and I also offered my breasts often. He was rejecting the breast. I finally fooled him into it at night while he was sleepy Then he realised it was ok after all. Part of it was that he was biting me. Not exactly your story, but perhaps expressing and bottlefeeding for a little while may help, with lots of offering of the breast, too, to keep up your supply? Emily

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