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DIY Easy face painting ideas

No one would ever argue: Kids LOVE getting their face painted. It’s a fun addition to any rainy day or even a cheap and exciting activity at a children’s party or events. Make sure to invest in face paints of a reasonable quality (check out craft stores for an affordable and effective range) and some good brushes and you’ll be set with these simple ideas below.

Butterfly – a simple but effective design.

Get the basic colour on first and then use a liquid black face paint to add the outline and antennae.

Source: BounceMaster Parties 

Puppy – often requested, this is actually a pretty simple option.

Use a base of white or tan, then use black liquid paint again to add details such as whiskers and spots.

Source: Snazaroo.com

Spiderman – this simple design avoids too much paint, especially around the eyes.

Start with the red base, then trace around the eye sockets and add web details in between.

Source: Chubby Fairy

Face painting tips

Classic Rainbow – a pretty and simple option.

Whether you do the colours or the white first, the only real trick is to keep the edges separate.

Source: CandyInside.com

Vampire – a scary choice for the party ghoul.

Start with a white base, then add the gory details with black and red liquid paint. Make the base green or purple and you can use this design for all manner of terrifying monsters.

Source: Snazaroo.com

Wonder Woman – making a comeback, this classic superhero is a firm favourite with the girls and their mums.

Use metallic gold paint (which will also come in useful for fairies and princesses) to create the iconic headbands. Check it’s non-toxic and use a smidge to line lips for a super effect.

Source: SherrieWork


Batman – a firm favourite request.

Get the outline right, then add detail with yellow or gold.

Source: Weezeeworld.com

Princess – it’s inescapable!

A simple row of pearls or jewels across the forehead then add detail with sparkly metallic paint, stickers or glitter.

Source: Flutterbye and Snails

Pirate – ahoy me hearties!

Start with red and white for the bandanna, then outline with black liquid paint and add an eyepatch and moustache.

Source: Facepaintingideas.net

Face painting inspiration

Good luck with your face painting! Remember the kids happiness is less important than your inner perfectionist! 

Fairy – add a little magic.

Use a base colour to start, then swirls of white, black or colour. End with some glitter for effect. Use a

blue/aqua colour as a base for the inevitable Elsa request.

Source: Illusions Face and Body Art



Angry Birds – a cool option for the older or more reluctant.

Start with a red circle then add the beak and other details.

Source: GalleryHip.com

The best thing about face painting for kids – they are thrilled with anything and it’s rare to hear a critique! You’ll instantly be the coolest mum in school if you show that you have some face painting skills – get painting!

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