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What did you do in the early stages of Labour?

How do you know when labour starts?  What are the early signs of labour? What does labour feel like and how do you know if it is labour or Braxton Hicks

How did you deal with early labour? Any tips for keeping your mind distracted or dealing with those early contractions for our mums-to-be? Any funny stories to share? I got a friend to braid my hair for no. 3 because I wanted one post-labour photo without my hair in an absolute mess!

  • Have What To Do In The Early Stages Of Labour a shower.  Nicole
  • I did the laundry Haha labour progressed a lot quicker than I thought but at 1 in the morning all I could think about was washing the towels and hanging them on the line lol.  Cece
  • Yep, stayed in the shower and bath.  Camila
  • One of my girl friends rang me in a panic when she went into labour, she wasn’t due to be waxed for another 3 days, hadn’t painted her toe nails or done her eyebrows (for post-birth pics) so we spent the next 2 hours doing a wax & polish before heading to the hospital – she ended up with a 19 hour labour & couldn’t give 2 hoots what she looked like by the end of it! lol – we can laugh about it now but it was a little more of my girlfriend than I needed to see! lol –  Kristin
  • Watched wipeout at 3 am while bouncing on a gym ball. Then a shower and a one hour drive to hospital.  Chantel
  • Went out for dinner lol. But I was in denial that I was in labour. Once I accepted that I was in fact in labour I danced, sang and bounced on a fit ball.  Angela
  • Lol! I went and visited a friend in hospital who just had her baby and realised I was actually in labor myself and they were not just braxton hicks! Hahaha!  Kelly
  • I didn’t even know I was in labour until they got to about a minute apart.. Lol we were having our new years eve family dinner.  Samantha
  • I did washing with the first 2 as well, 3rd I stayed home and watched a movie.  Rebecca
  • I had baths and showers and tried to go back to sleep.  Tina
  • My husband and I watched six episodes of a TV series we hadn’t seen previously. I had a wheat-heat pack soothing my sore lower back and when I became more uncomfortable, I headed for the shower.  Chrissy
  • Heat pack, laid over pillows, watched a movie, had a bath, tried to sleep..went to hospital and got in the bath for another 2 1/2 hours while listening the music, and meditated when i got back to the bed.  Bethany
  • Lol Sarah . That’s a good idea! I was vain enough to make sure I had contacts in but never thought about my hair except to have it tied back. I can never understand people leaving it out.  Kathleen’
  • Haha Kathleen, mine was tied back at the start for my first two labours. I have a photo with the elastic still in my hair but it’s only holding about ten strands – the rest of my hair was out and completely dishevelled! A few weeks before I had number three I started having contractions (strong enough to not be able to talk through). My whole family was at my parents’ and we were playing cranium. Apparently contractions aren’t an excuse to pause the clock when it is your turn haha. I found rocking and the shower helped immensely in the early stages. I wish I had thought of the fitball – Sarah
  • Washed my hair, entertained visitors, eventually left for hospital but stopped at the shops on the way to get snacks & drinks haha.  Bianca
  • Movies and slept as much as i could.  Ebony
  • I had a warm bath for a few hours & that helped heaps or walk around for a bit.  Bek
  • Man you all did do much, I never had time to do that many things!  Rebecca
  • I had heaps of baths, used a wheat pack an tried to sleep.  Jade
  • I would just keep myself busy and when a contraction would I would have stop and lean over something and just focus on breathing. I think I skip early labour contractions as I only had a 4 hr birth.  Jen
  • Watched a movie it kind of took mind off what was happening!  Corrina
  • I went looking for a new fridge coz I couldn’t trust the hubby to do it! I was informed by my mum that I wasn’t allowed to go get a hair cut though!  Kiiri
  • Some 4wd magazine reading lol i learned the differences pros and cons of coil or leaf suspension haha.  Nadine
  • I found that heat packs were awesome with early labour. My lovely partner gave me massages and tried to distract me with video games and lollies. I ended up bouncing on an exercise ball with heat packs tied around me with a pair of tights while playing xbox. It was a pretty good distraction. As for funny stories have a series of photos of me in labour at the hospital with the gas tube/mouthpiece in my mouth. In the first one I’m doubled over in pain, then the next photo was in between contractions and I’m looking happy as a pig in mud with thumbs up! Then another photo of me in pain. Apparently I was very cheerful in between contractions and had everyone in the birthing suite laughing with my antics. My favourite one was when my partner said I started singing “you don’t make friends with salad” after being asked if I wanted anything to eat.  Kimberly

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