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Expecting multiples? You need the Australian Multiple Birth Association

multiple birth associationDiscovering you are expecting twins, triplets or more is a surprise and shock to most, even if they were aware there was a chance! Most parents feel a sense of bewilderment: “How are we going to cope?” “What do I need?”  “What support is there?”

The smart choice is to find all the answers at the AMBA!

To help answer these questions and more it’s a great idea to go along to your local Australian Multiple Birth Association club while you are still pregnant to attend an expectant parent information session, access support, loan equipment, connect with like-minded people and read multiple birth publications.

There is nothing like meeting other parents who already have multiples to find out what you really need to know – such as which equipment you will need extra sets of. You may even be able to pick up some useful items second-hand.

AMBA club events are also a great place to take older siblings for a visit to get them used to the idea of two or more arriving. Clubs go out of their way to make expectant parents feel welcome and, once your babies are here, they will offer a haven of friendly and understanding company from “those who know”.   You can connect with your club by using publications.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.49.15 pmThe prospect of birth can be such a daunting one that many parents find it hard to think beyond that miraculous and improbable event. Try to bear in mind that once your babies are here, you will be very busy. The time before they arrive is a great opportunity to not only connect with support but also to research some of the practical issues ahead of you, reading up on everything, from what happens in a multiple birth to twin/triplet sleep routines.  AMBA has a great range of publications available to assist your research and a lot of clubs have Facebook groups where you can ask questions and there’s AMBA’s Forum for those not on Facebook.

About:  AMBA is a 100% volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation consisting of multiple birth families. Through a tiered membership structure, our organisation provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families.   AMBA and local clubs are run by parents of multiples for parents of multiples and to provide support and friendship across Australia.

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