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Exercises with childLooking for general experiences for people that had hip dysplasia diagnosed as early as 6 weeks

  • our daughter’s hip dysplasia was picked up at birth, and was confirmed at 6 weeks. From then on she was in a brace. It took us a little while to get used to having her in a brace, but it did get easier. She had regular check ups and ultrasounds until she was around 6 months old. The brace was removed then and have had a couple of check ups since it’s been removed. She was crawling and walking at ‘normal’ times, the only thing I say she was ‘slower’ at was rolling and sitting. Believe me, if they want to roll they will even with the brace one. She absolutely loved the short amounts of time she was brace free, was like she was making the most of them. She pretty much sat up 2-3 days after having the brace removed. She is now a very active 2.5 year old, I believe we have a few more follow up check ups yearly until she’s about 5 just to make sure everything is still as it should be. We put a rolled up towel under her cot sheets to help support her feet as they appeared to be just dangling in the air when she was laying on her back. Our daughter seemed to cope very well with the brace, it took me a bit longer! Janita
  • My ds had hip dysplasia picked up at his 2week health check. Our gp said not to worry till 6wks checkup. At 6weeks they were still crunching. He had ultrasound and was reffered to a pead. It was a long wait for the pead and at 8wks he was in hospital for something else when we happened to mention his hips. They reveiwed his results. Within 2days he was then fitted with a pavlic harness by the peadiatric physio. He was ultrasounded regularly during the next few weeks and at 9weeks it was removed. He just had his follow up xray at 9mo and all is still well. He was not overly phased by the whole thing. 2 days at the start and for a few days once it was removed. He does have lowered muscle tone in his legs which is preventing him from crawling properly for now but he will get there. The most frustrating part was having to have him bathed at the physio with their help. If you have any specific concerns you can pm me Melissa
  • My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 weeks old, (the left hip was worse than the right) I cried for two days before the pavlik harness was put on. My daughter has now been in the harness for 11 weeks (first 6 weeks 24/7) the right hip is now formed it’s the left that is taking longer, since week 6 we could take the harness off a hour a day so it gave us a chance to give her a bath. We found breastfeeding has become a issue for her she doesn’t like being turned on her side, she doesn’t seem to be comfortable so now expressing and giving her the bottle. We find out in a week how this left hip. is going. There is a group on facebook you can join and talk to others Hip Dysplasia – Wheaton-Pavlik Harness/Hip Abduction Brace. Kellie
  • My daughter was diagnosed from birth and went into a pavlik harness at 7 days (24 hours). Stayed in that for 12 weeks then into dennis browne bar for another 12 weeks 23 hours a day. She’s 2 now and hips are great Ton
  • my daughter had it picked up a seven weeks and is in a db bar brace, her left side was completely dislocated and other side wasn’t great either. she had only two bad nights while she got used to it and then she went back to sleeping through. she is now 4.5 months abd had just recently gone to wearing it at night only. so not a big deal, nothing to worry about, it’s best that it is fixed early so hopefully surgery and plaster for months on end can be avoided. Claire
  • My dd had HDD diagnosed at her 6 week ultrasound because she was breech. She was put in a palvik harness for 9 weeks and she just got the all clear to come out. It was horrible at the time but was what was best for bub Tegan
  • my daughter was diagnosed with ddh from birth she was in a fixed brace for 10 months – she rolled, crawled stood up in it. She is now 3yo and you would not know! My son has judt been put in a fixed brace at 12wks.. it is daunting however the results speak for themselves – at the time it is really difficult however as we now know with our three year old it is worth it and you hardly even remember they were in it. Good luck with it all and pm me if you feel you need any support.. Kristin
  • My daughter was given an early diagnosis at 6 weeks (we had an a ultrasound due to family history) – one side was only 50% in the joint and the other 55%, by the time she was 12 weeks though all had settled in naturally and she needed no treatment Robyn
  • Both my kids have DDH. First was diagnosed at 6 months and went straight to surgery and casts. 2nd was diagnosed t 6 weeks due to sibling history and has been braced since 5 months old. She’s 10 months now. Happy to answer any questions. Feel free to Pm me. I do run a WAY based fb DDH group. If you’re in wa let me know and you can join Bethanie
  • My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 9 weeks and was in a harness for 7 weeks. She is now 8 months old and is very mobile, crawling and climbing everywhere. There are some very good Facebook groups that I found helpful for tips re positioning, feeding etc in the early days of the harness. Good luck Gemma
  • DDH diagnosed at birth. Pavlik harness on the next day. Was worn 24/7 for 13 weeks now currently worn for night time naps after an ultrasound showed solid hips. Another 3 weeks then off entirely. In 3 months an x-Ray. I joined a hip dysplasia group on Facebook. Everyone has their own experience it seems and treated depending on the doc. Ashley
  • My dd was diagnosed at 6 weeks. She was put in the pavlik harness for 9 weeks. We had a 2 month post check up and all is going really well. Dr said it looks like there was nothing ever wrong with her. Having the harness on was hard but you will adjust quickly (it even felt weird when she first had it off). Good luck Tegan
  • My health nurse picked up my daughters at 4wks, was confirmed on ultrasound at 8wks. She went into a Pavlic harness at 11wks for 8wks. Hers was very mild 47% coverage on her left hip 49% on her right and I was allowed to take her out for an hour a day which was a life saver for baths. It slowed her down with rolling. She didn’t roll until 7.5mths but crawled at 8mths, pulling herself up at 9mths and walked a week after her first birthday. I’m due with number 3 in 8wks and freaking out that it will have the same issues. My first was completely fine so hoping this one takes after him and not my daughter. I hated it and it was horrible to watch them be so restricted, plus it was awkward to hold her like a baby with the harness on. But it went fast and was much better to have that than her need surgery later on. We’re about to have her 18mths check so hoping that comes back all fine as well. Emma
  • there’s a Facebook group “developmental dysplasia of the hip – adults and children” (I’m a bit unsure of the wording at the end, but do a quick search and you’ll find it) They’ve been really helpful for me and you can ask more detailed questions. My girl was diagnosed at 8 weeks and is now halfway through her treatment Sarah
  • My now 12yr old was diagnosed day after she was born by emergency c section. She was put into a pavlik harness at 3 weeks and was in it for 9 months with regular scans up until 5 yrs to be sure. She only had 13% coverage in her right hip and 11% coverage in her left. No surgery required after the harness thankfully . Not sure what info you’re seeking but happy to answer any questions Bianca
  • My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at birth. She wore a Von Rosen splint for 6 weeks and Dr said it felt good. At 6 month check up it wasn’t!!! We got a second opinion and ended swapping Drs. My daughter had an open reduction and femoral osteotomy at 12 months. The hardware was removed about 18 months later. She is now 3 1/2 and things are looking great Angela
  • Lucky to have our now 21 month old diagnosed before 6 weeks. Dr that delivered her had concerns as soon as she was delivered by c section. We had 12 weeks in a splint. No time allowed out of it with regular ultra sounds and an X-ray at the end. Lucky not to have to look down the road of surgery or further reviews but everyone has different outcomes. Just make sure you get a good ortho that does paediatric and you will get through it. If you have concerns raise them. I know it is something that child health nurses check but sometimes it can be too late. Good luck. Brae
  • My bub was born with hip dysplacia an was put into a correctio brace at 3 months and is now in a rhino brace at 9 months. Hoping to go to nights an naps next appointment. To be honest it doesn’t effect them that much…It delays them but they pick it up within weeks of being brace free. It is more stressful to the parents at 1st compared to the child. They adjust so quickly Cindy
  • My son was picked up at 2 weeks. They confirmed it at 6 weeks with an ultrasound and he was in a hip brace/pavlic harness 24/7 for 9 weeks. He is now a happy, healthy 12.5mth old with no hip issues It did hold him back with his leg stregth and muscle tone but he is getting there. He will be learning to walk very soon. Pm me if you like. Happy to answer any questions. I should also add that the earlier it is picked up and dealt with the better off your lo will be xx Melissa
  • My DD was diagnosed at 6 weeks. Went into a pavlik harness for 7 weeks. Was allowed 1 hr a day without it. Was very difficult but we got thru it. No pants, sleeping bags and onesies… Hello to tops, singlets and dresses… Your clothes will/may get ruined from the harness. During this time you’ll have a series of ultrasounds and X-rays. This will occur regularly till 9 months then a yr after that. Regression can occur and unfortunately, that has just occurred with my DD 12 months. So no jumping jollys, no bumbos and no baby carriers that face out. Buy an ergo baby carrier, (this will help you and support bubs) carry bubs when bigger on your hips and encourage baths and swimming for the muscles. Good luck! Leanne
  • My little girl had hip dysplasia, undiagnosed until 6mo. Turned out one hip was completely dislocated from birth. She had surgery (very uncommon so don’t stress), spica plaster cast for 7 weeks, rhino brace full time for 9 weeks, then 3 months of rhino brace for sleeps/nighttime only. She was just freed completely of it last week, just after her first birthday, and out of the blue started crawling! Good luck, itll be okay, bubbies and very resilient! Candy


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