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Falling Pregnant after a stillbirth

concieve after lossLooking for experiences from any mums who suffered a stillborn bub and then tried to conceive again afterwards. We lost our baby at 22 weeks and are now physically and emotionally ready to try again. Just wondering if it took longer trying to conceive after a loss (maybe due to the stress) or if you got pregnant quite quickly and had a smooth pregnancy this time around? We have been given the all clear from doc to try again so now it’s just up to us to go for it. Thanks for any advice/stories ladies.

  • We lost our first beautiful son Edward at 40 weeks. I have had two other beautiful boys since. First delivered safely 11 months after and the next 14 months after that. Both conceptions took place first month. I am now pregnant with our fourth. Conception was harder with our fourth and last bub. It took 6 months to conceive this time. I won’t lie, the pregnancies are hard, we don’t know why our little boy died so there was no way to ‘treat’ the pregnancies. Therapy and great partner, friends and family helped as did a pregnancy after loss support group. It was and is a very anxious time but you are stronger than you think. Pm if you like. I am so sorry for your loss. From one mother to another, I know how scary it is. Big hugs and good luck. Xanthe
  • I took me 12 months to conceive after a 36weeks loss .. I had lots of monitoring and was induced with a healthy baby girl at 34 weeks.. 11 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks.. (Baby boys pregnancy wasn’t smooth sailing ) but we got there in the end and have 2 gorgeous toddlers ! (Both conceived using clomid ) Nicole
  • My heart skips a beat when I read a new story of stillbirth, as I know the pain and heartbreak all too well. Our firstborn daughter was stillborn at 40+5 in July 2011 after a perfect pregnancy. We were blessed to meet our healthy second daughter 13 months later (she is now 1). As other ladies have eluded, a subsequent pg after a stillbirth is torturous, but you’ve already survived the hardest part. I promise. Xx Gillian
  • I haven’t experienced this but look up “the bumps along the way” on YouTube. She had a miscarriage and then a stillborn (20 weeks I believe) and recently gave birth to a baby boy. If you go all the way back through her videos you might be able to relate good luck Stacey
  • I lost my first son at 24 weeks, took 5 months to fall again. Never had any worries again. I now have 5 healthy kids! Emma
  • We have lost 3 babies around this stage. It took 2 years each time to conceive again even though the two living children we had were conceived first month. We aldo had a little heartkid who passed away at 9 days old during that time. We gave up as we had had enough heartbreak so I have no idea sorry how long it took to conceive our toddler. Wishing you gentle days and soon to be filled arms xxx Kyra
  • So sorry for your loss. We lost our little man last year. you will probably always worry about if its too soon… But jump back in as soon as you have the all clear. Next bubba will never replace your little angel but will definitely help sooth a broken heart. Will be scary but joyful all rolled into one. Massive hugs no parents should have to deal with your pain xxxx Claire
  • We lost our baby at 20 weeks into my first pregnancy. It took a while to try again but didn’t take us long to conceive. When we went for my 20 week scan it showed I had a short cervix. So I had a stitch put it. Has it taken out at 37 weeks and then delivered a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks. I now have 3 healthy children! Ask every question that comes to mind. Danielle
  • One of our friends lost their twin boys at around 22 weeks this was December 2011 and had a beautiful little girl in April/may this year I’m so sorry for your loss and I wish you all the best; try and relax and enjoy it rather than focusing on getting a beautiful baby out of it. Jessica
  • I miscarried my first at 13 weeks, then fell pregnant within 6 months and had a healthy full term little boy. our next pregnancy was stillborn at 18 weeks. We tried again about 8 months later and I now have a very big and healthy 14 month old boy. my mum told me on both occasions that i need to wait longer, but i felt that i was very ready to try again. You need to try not to think about it (hard i know) The stress and angst during pregnancy I found harder than anything else, that for me didn’t end until I heard that very first cry and held them in my arms and saw for myself that they were perfectly healthy and then I allowed myself to relax and take it in. If you feel you are ready then go for it! Surround yourself with as much positive support as you can and good luck! KristieAnne
  • I lost my baby at 17 weeks , I fell pregnant around 9 weeks later and know 22 weeks pregnant.it can happen quite quick after having a baby or pregnancy Amber
  • Our son was still born at 38 weeks, no known cause. We then conceived our little girl 5 months later. Worked out a good timeframe for us. Make sure you both feel ready, and you have a doctor/support team Etc you Love and are able to contact as much as you need to. It is not an easy road, and we had a scare 2nd preg but now have a beautiful little girl. All the best. Leanne
  • It took me a year to deal with it an I got pregnant straight away, sorry for your loss x Lauren
  • I am on a mum’s group for a particular kind of condition, Incompetent Cervix. A lot of women have sadly have losses due to this condition I wld recommend seeing an ob for advice and risk factors. Being/feeling prepared is a good step at feeling strong for the road ahead. Trying to conceive can be very stressful itself, so having expert help/advice will ease the medical pressure.And be sure to see a counsellor if u can (if ur open to that), as the hormones involved in our normal cycle can feel very overwhelming when we pay so much attention to our cycle. Be sure to take time out for ur relationship, like date nights etc. sometimes when trying to conceive, couples do the deed just for the sake of it. Abstaining just either side of ur period and (during it) can help as sometimes having a break from “doing it” can make it more romantic (be sure to be informed on ovulation etc). This can make it less stressful. And period tracking apps are great. I like iperiod. Dani
  • So sorry for your loss. Our little girl was stillborn at 24 weeks in May 2011, cause unknown. It took us about two cycles to conceive (a lot quicker than the previous time) after we were given the all clear, and our beautiful rainbow baby was born in April 2012. The second pregnancy was very smooth and uneventful, however I can’t begin to describe the emotional ups and downs. If you feel you are ready though, just do it. My advice would be to make sure you have a wonderful support network, both at home and medical wise. And be very gentle with yourself during your subsequent pregnancy, just get through every day as it comes. Also, SANDS is a great support group that have helped us a lot. Feel free to inbox me if you ever want to chat. Wishing you and your family all the best, and hopefully some good news soon. Xxxx Cassie
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. My sister had a full term stillborn & was advised to wait the usual time after a natural birth. She feel pregnant with her rainbow baby within the first month or so of trying. I wish you and your partner all the best & hope things work quickly for you. Kathleen
  • Firstly, I’m sorry your little Angel couldn’t stay. I lost my second son at 25 weeks. We fell pregnant 6 months later (4 months of trying) and miscarried at 6weeks. We fell pregnant again 3 months later and had a healthy son. Pregnancy after a loss comes with a whole new set of challenges, feelings worries and anxieties you might not have felt before, so please find a great support group (fb have some great ones!) to help guide you through the mind field of emotions you will come about! Good luck with your journey to getting your rainbow!! Stacy
  • We lost our little angel at 28 weeks on the 7/7/2013 and had our rainbow 29/7/2013.. so 4 cycles it took us after we got the all clear after our autopsy results. . Feel free to inbox me if you want to chat if not I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong is a hard long journey xx Krystal
  • With my second pregnancy I had a stillborn at 22 weeks born on 3 Nov 2004. I got pregnant straight away after, and 10 months later had a healthy baby boy born 10 Sept 2005. (2 1/2 weeks early) It was a very smooth pregnancy, no problems at all! Had three more pregnancies after that. One born at 32 weeks, 40 weeks, and twins born at 38 weeks! Wishing you all the best! Jennifer
  • It took us three months to concieve after our loss Kirsten
  • So sorry 4 ur loss. & good luck, I bet you huys will be doing a lot of “practicing” until you conceive:) Enjoy & just relax & take your time:) Vienna
  • We lost our first born at 32 weeks and my body shut down completely. My hormone levels were post menopausal and my periods stopped! I wasn’t using any contraception as I was told I wouldn’t have anymore children, all of this while only being 18/19! And then exactly 4 years later we fell pregnant with our rainbow baby! Our rainbow son is now almost 4.5 years old and we are extremely grateful to have him. My advice is to not stress about trying to fall pregnant, just let nature take its course. All the best Kirsty
  • I’m so sorry for your devastating loss – I cannot give advice, but can suggest (if you aren’t already connected) to get in touch with the ladies at Pregnancy Loss Australia Support Group Renee
  • I have experience with this and want ready to try again for about 3yrs. I fell pregnant first month I was trying and he is now 10. Everyone is different though. I guess you just need faith that everything is going to be okay. I think my worst moments were being in the hospital in labour as I remembered being there hearing every other baby crying and mine never did. When my son was born I literally held my breath waiting for him to make a noise (then overwhelmed with joy etc when he did) Goodluck and try not to stay too much. Making a baby is supposed to be the fun part remember Kristy

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