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Felt Christmas Tree Craft Project

Felt Christmas tree craftOne of the great joys of Christmas with the kids is decorating the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, one of the great frustrations is trying to keep them from pulling the decorations off once your done! This felt Christmas tree craft is designed so your toddler can redecorate their tree all December long. Thanks to Kristin for the fabulous tutorial.

Best way to stop your toddler from climbing your tree and breaking your ornaments? Get them to help you make one they can play with!

You will need:
1x1m square of Green Felt
20x10cm piece of black felt
A small piece of brown felt
Velcro-dots (3M are best to protect your paint)
12 15x15cm pieces of different coloured felt squares
A star for the top of the tree – a polystyrene one works well because it’s lightweight
Yellow paint to make the star yellow
Buttons, glitter etc to decorate (keep in mind, if they’re too heavy they wont stay on the felt tree) 
Felt Christmas tree craft - what you will needstar and paint





How to:

1. Make a tree pattern from butchers paper & trace onto green felt (you only get one go so tracing is a good idea)

felt tree

2. Cut out tree & iron if it has been folded for a long period of time.

3. Print off some decoration templates & trace onto coloured felt pieces

4. Cut out all decorations

Felt Christmas tree craft

5. Stick green, brown & black felt to the wall with the velcro-dots & let the kids decorate the tree however they like

Share your completed felt Christmas tree craft in the comments below.

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