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Gardening Tips: Three Fun Ideas to Get Your Little Green Thumbs Outside and Active this Spring

by Caroline Roberts from Gardening 4 Kids.

Spring is almost upon us and that means warmer weather and great conditions for gardening. Here are some fun and practical ideas to get the kids outdoors and active in the garden this spring:

Create a flower garden
Kids love flowers and spring is the perfect time to plant a flower bed. Children tend to favour bright and colourful flowers that they can explore and pick so varieties such as fuchsias, marigolds, sunflowers and lavender are good choices.  These flowers can easily be grown in pots too if space is limited and best of all they can be eaten!

Plant some vegies
Once the weather starts to warm up and the threat of frost has passed start planting some vegies in preparation for summer. Lettuce, carrots and tomatoes are all easy for children to grow and can be used in a great range of dishes that kids can help prepare once they are ready to harvest.

Compost or worm poo tea
Now is the time that many plants need to be fed in preparation for their growth season so why not make a worm poo or compost tea with the kids? This can be done by adding some broken down compost or worm castings (poo) into a hessian bag, placing in a bucket or water and leaving it to steep overnight. Kids love feeding plants a cup of tea made from worm poo and compost the next day.

Do you get out in the garden with your kids?

Caroline Robets is a mum to an adorable toddler and the owner of Gardening 4 Kids. As an environmental educator and gardening specialist she is passionate about educating children about a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future. Find her on facebook and twitter.

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  1. Avatarlisa says:

    My kids love the flower garden. i have guided them and the flower garden has come out great. Thanks for the wonderful share.