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Gestational diabetes birth stories

Gestational diabetes birth stories. Includes information on, labour,pregnancy, birth and insulin

After experiences of your labour and birth for those who had gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs when your body can not cope with the extra demand for insulin during pregnancy and results in high blood sugar.  When gestational diabetes is well managed you can reduce the risk of complications to mum and baby.  Read our expert advice on what gestational diabetes is and how to manage it.

Get educated

  • I had gestational diabetes and had the best pregnancy and birth. I managed my sugar levels through diet and exercise – it was easy to do and I felt great. By the end of pregnancy I gained only 8 kilos, which is now all gone since I continued my diet after I had my boy. I have always been on the smaller side so we little people can get diabetes too (it runs in my family). The birth was as easy as a birth can get – my waters broke and 3 hours later my little man arrived naturally. He was 10 days early and he weighed a tiny 6lb 4oz., which was fantastic. Actually a lot of my friends have had gestational diabetes and said it was the best thing for them because it forced them to eat properly and exercise. If you get the right education and manage your diabetes properly then you will be fine. Good luck Mai

Footless baby jumpsuits for regular sugar testing

  • Bring in jumpsuits with no feet, and buy baby socks, that way you don’t have to undress them every time they need to test babies blood sugars. It will make it so much easier on both of you – Sarah

Regular growth scans

  • I was on metformin and had regular scans tracking bubs growth. A week before due 1 had a one off high bp reading but that meant I spent the next week have daily appointments with gp or midwife or bloods or scans. I got a call 2 days before due date to go to hospital to be induced as blood flow to bub was reduced (gd can cause placenta to start dying off early thus reducing blood to bubs). My body didn’t want to be induced and the mild contractions I did get effected bubs heart rate so ended up with c section at 40+1.  Coz bubs was on the small size 2.8 kg or 6lb4oz) his blood sugars took several days to stabilize in a special care unit.  Follow what your dr and diabetes nurse suggest and expect the unexpected. I didn’t get the birth experience I would have liked but I have a happy, gorgeous bub and that’s all that matters – Sian 

Baby’s sugars slightly low

  • I had GD with my first. He was 7lb 9oz which is about 3.5kg he was perfectly healthy, normal labour. Had to be tube fed formula for about a day just to get his strength up as born with low blood sugar but that was no biggy. Hes a perfectly healthy 4 year old now. I went on to have another baby and did not have gd with second – Nicole
  • My daughter was born at 37+5 weeks, healthy and 7lb 8oz. She was born by caesarean (nothing related to the GD) but instigated the labour herself first. She did have a drop in sugar levels on the second day due to the GD, and because my milk hadn’t come in yet, they had to give her some formula to give her the energy she needed. That was the only bottle of formula she has ever had, and breastfed beautifully once my milk came in the next day. She had no further drops in sugar level after that. My recommendation is to listen to the doctor when they tell you to watch what you eat, as this is what causes the huge sugar drop for the baby after they are born. I was usually sensible with my eating, but I can see how someone who wasn’t careful could cause their baby to have worse drops in sugar level – which can be very dangerous to baby. I’m sure you’ve been watching what you eat though so I wouldn’t worry. I suspect my daughter would have been much bigger had she been born on her due date though – Justine

No complications

  • I had GD. On metformin, was induced at 38wks. Very quick labour (15mins from start of contractions i could feel). No sign of type 2, 3 years later – Kylie
  • I had GD with my first. Normal delivery, no complications, 5hr labour & bub was 2.85kg. In other words it had no effect on labour or birth – Natalie
  • I ended on metformin for my gd. I was induced at 38+3 labour was normal to start with but ended in c section (which was due to induction not gd as such) bubs hear rate was dropping every contraction. They took bubs after and did a sugar test and i had to test for a day 2 days later but all was fine. I have got type 2 afterward either good outcome in my eyes – JC
  • Managed with healthy diet, which controlled weight gain. OB wanted to induce at 38 weeks, I pushed it back until 41 weeks, went into labour naturally the day I was booked for induction. Estimated weight was 7 lb 10o; born 6lb 10o. Trust your body – Semele
  • I had GD controlled with diet and oral medication. I was induced at 38 weeks and pain was intense (first baby so nothing to compare it to!) and everything happened quite quick! Then bub decided to have a snooze in there so things were held up! Ended up having an emergency c-section 16 hours later as I didn’t get past 6cm dilated and was on the highest amount of the drip that I could be given per hour. Bub was healthy and weighed 3.7kg. Her blood sugar was fine and mine went back to normal straight away.  don’t stress about it too much – Natalie
  • I had GD with my fourth pregnancy I felt great and it was the best pregnancy I had. I gained about 8kg and had a planned c section 7wks ago due to bub being transverse. He was very healthy and happy and 4.08kg. I expressed 8ml of colostrum before I went in and my husband was able to feed him while I was in recovery. The colostrum is great for diabetes babies and it meant he fed straight away and took well to breastfeeding. They checked his levels and mine and we were both fine and we were home by day 3 – Rachel
  • I was told I had GD because my bub was measuring a belly that was 3-4wks ahead to the rest of him and at my 32 wk scan they told me he was already 7lb 9oz and to expect at least a 10lb baby. I never followed a diet or anything because my sugars were always fine (testing 4 times a day) so I was convinced that this was their simple solution because I am also a large woman. I was induced at 39wks. They tested by blood sugars every 2hrs during induction and labour (which were completely normal, even a little low because I hadn’t eaten all day) and then when bub arrived the poor little thing had his blood sugars taken every 3hrs for a 24hr period. He was born 7lb 10oz and 52cm…..in other words a healthy normal baby! His blood sugars were always perfectly fine each time they tested him too. Had a 16hr induction and labour altogether with a 5hr active labour phase – Debbie
  • I was diet controlled and got rid of it by 37 wks (yes can be done) my delivery was dramatic because my son wanted to come out faster than my pelvic floor would allow wont go into detail. 8hrs 36 min from water breaking, active labour was only 45min. – Selena
  • I had GD diet controlled as I refused to be put on medication or insulin so was very strict. They looked at inducing me early at 38 weeks but at 34 week ultra sound bub was normal size. Bub decided to arrive early anyways at 38 +2 at a healthy 6lb 7 oz. I had contractions but the they induced me as it was slow labour. I had Epidural and Bub was born with no difficulties – Naomi
  • I had a pretty text book labour with gestational diabetes. Only thing out of the norm was me waters didn’t break so she was born in the sac full – Mousey
  • I had GD and on insulin twice a day. Was induced at 38weeks due to unstable pelvis. Ended up having emergency caesear after 20hrs as did not dialate past 4.5cm and bubs head was moulding. GD did not affect my labour/birth, other health concerns did. Bub was a healthy 3.3kg – Rachael
  • Had a planned Caesar at 38 weeks. Healthy 4.1kg baby girl was delivered all she needed was 2 feeds with a bottle of formula and she was fine. As soon as I had her my blood sugar level was back to normal. Recovery was great and so is she – Cassandra
  • I had insulin dependant gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy. I was induced 2 days before my due date, labour & birth all went smoothly. My blood sugar levels were back to normal straight after birth – Dana
  • I had GD controlled by diet. I was induced at 39 weeks, had my waters broken, labour of just under 7 hours. I was on a drip and the pain was incredible. My son was also posterior so that added to the discomfort. I had an epidural which helped me relax and made my progress fast. I did have to push within 10 minutes as my son’s heartbeat was dropping as he was pushed up against the umbilical cord. He was born at a healthy 3.36kg with stable blood sugars – Samantha
  • I had gd but was controlled by diet and had him naturally a couple days early with no complications other than them checking his blood sugars every couple of hours – Anna
  • I had it with my second I had elective c section ( previous emergency one ) and he was transverse. All was fine and he was great after no problems with blood sugar at all – Jess
  • I was induced at 38wks due to my GD I was in labour for 8hrs before getting an epidural. The contractions were so intense I couldnt relax but within an hour after getting the epidural I had the urge to push. At 5:30 I was still 4cm but the epidural allowed me to relax and dilate more. After a few hard pushes bub was born at 5:55pm – Kado

Child had problems with teeth when older

      • My friend had that. Her 3yr old just had 4 crowns done to her teeth as they say it’s from all the insulin. My advice to you is make sure you have full dental cover and keep an eye out for their teeth – Melissa

Do you have gestational diabetes?  Have you got some tips?

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