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Getting baby to sleep past 5am

Once baby starts to sleep well over night, your mind often stretches to wishing for a few extra hours of sleep in the morning.   We have lots of tips for getting baby to sleep past 5am.

When assisting baby to sleep past 5am start by considering

  • Is baby warm enough?
  • Does your baby have a sleep association they are looking for when they wake?
  • Is baby’s room dark enough?  Ensure it is bright when you want baby to wake
  • Is baby’s room quiet?
  • Is baby waking or just stirring?  Try giving baby a minute or 2 to ensure they are actually awake.
  • Ensure no stimulation in baby’s crib

Getting baby to sleep past 5am

Community question on helping baby to sleep past 5am

I’m looking for some ideas to help my 9mo dd to sleep past 5am as I’m about to go back to work. I know we are very lucky as she’s a brilliant sleeper going down at 6.30/7pm but the last 3 weeks she has been waking early at 5am. I know she is capable of sleeping through as the 6 months prior she would sleep though to 6.30am. She doesn’t seem to be too hot or cold and she’s never leaked through her nappy. Could it be a growth spurt causing her to be hungry? Any suggestions for what I can try?

Put baby to sleep later to help them sleep in

  • 6:30pm is probably too early for bed? Maybe try putting baby to sleep later, at 7:30 pm. Dominique
  • Try keeping her up just that little bit longer and see if that helps Jodee
  • Yes it could be a growth spurt, maybe put her down half an hour later every night for a week to see if that helps plus give her a top up before putting her to bed Christine

Baby waking up earlier because it is Spring.

  • It just because the sun is coming up earlier. She will go back to sleeping a little longer in a week or so. My three boys do it every summer and spring. Kirralle
  • My 3 children are doing the same. It’s due to the sun coming up earlier it will settle down again soon, we always have early rises at the start of spring. Jayne

This is a normal wake time, no need to change anything

  • 5am may just be her natural waking rhythm…. 10 hours sleep is awesome! 2 of my 6 children have always risen at 5am. While 2 are at 6am and the other two wake up at 6.30am They all go to bed at 7pm. Amanda
  • My 6mo is doing the same I put it down to the sun rising earlier. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon Trista

Make room darker

  • Their sleep patterns change as they grow, but it could just be because the sun is coming up earlier now. You could try blocking the light from her room. M’Leigh

Leave baby in their cot to resettle

  • My 7.5 month old does the same, but if he wakes up and is talking to himself I just leave him be and he will go back to sleep on his own Amanda
  • Do you go straight in to get her or have you let her be if she’s happy? Does she have a comforter or dummy to help her go back to sleep? If mine wakes up he might have a chat to himself for a while but he puts himself back to sleep. Maybe give your darling daughter a chance to figure it out on her own. Meghan
  • My DD goes to bed 6-630pm everynight and wakes around 7am, however went through a stage of 5 or 530am wake up for bottle, one morning she started crying but couldn’t get to her straight away as my son was also awake and she went back to sleep within 5 mins! I now give her 5 mins and just go in if she clearly sounds distressed and not settled! Alycia

Give food before bed

  • My baby started doing this to at about 10 months, he was having dinner at 430/5 then bf at 645pm bed at 7. so we added in a solid supper around 6pm and he slept in a bit longer. Give supper a go! Alex
  • My 10 month does this is he doesn’t have enough solids during the day. Try another snack or bigger meals and see if it changes Cassie

Add an activity centre to cot

  • We got an activity Centre and attached it to bubs cot when he wakes up he has a play and usually always goes back to sleep Sairs

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