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Gift Ideas for Dad with more than one child

Gift Ideas For Dad With More Than One ChildWhat gift suggestions do you have for the Dad with more than one child this year? A group present or one from each child?

  • I’m doing photos of the kids in a three photo frame, making the letters d-a-d. With their bodies or holding the letters for younger ones Jacynta
  • My partner and I just do a cooked breakfast for you of your choice, when the kids are older then can help with that and/or get a present for mum or dad. I still get my own mum and dad presents too tho. Jade
  • This Father’s Day I was prepared and got my sons hand and foot casting on a wood block with a inscription say hold my hand and follow my foot steps daddy can’t wait to get the finish result and give it to him Alice
  • It’s my partners first Father’s Day and I got him an adina country master watch as they’re meant to be really tough. I’ll get my sons name and birthday engraved on the back Bec
  • Personalized cufflinks with my babies hand/foot print Debora
  • I do one from each child… This year he gets a 4wd recovery kit and a winch Donna
  • He’ll get something, lol probably a PS3 game as his birthday is 2 weeks later and kids will probably draw him a piccy (they’ll be 3 & 19mths) maybe a key ring or keepsake of some sort lol Reneena
  • Its my husband’s first fathers day so finally getting him the personalised plates we’ve been meaning to get for 3 years Carmen
  • My hubby gets what the older 2 make at kinder and daycare then one big present… This yr he is getting 2 big presents a family tent and a PS4… Also something little I will make from the baby It’s really hard as his birthday is 2 weeks later and this year is his 30th Sonia
  • Whatever our daughter buys at her father’s day stall at school. Kellie
  • Tools he wants/needs to fill his kincrome toolbox Tiff
  • My husband loves red wine and gets a bottle from each of our 4 children Kylie
  • Photos with signs says we love u daddy and some other things Jess
  • We have a photography business and had a photo of all our kids printed onto a coffee mug for my dad. Eleesa
  • I bought a remote control monster truck Alice
  • My hubby is getting a gift from each and one combined… All small pressies though First is a crochet knight helmet beanie , the next is a framed quote from Zara Stationery and lastly a mug with pictures of the kids And of course breaky in bed Jantina
  • Our boys are giving him a photo mug from Harvey Norman with photos of them on it and Happy Father’s Day Daddy! It’s a tough one for us because it is two weeks after his birthday… Carla
  • A DAD frame with the new dad with son Tammy

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