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Gift ideas for teachers

girl with present wearing a santa hatI have a few teachers to give gifts to this year? Any ideas?

  • I am a teacher and while it may seem selfish I do appreciate something little at the end of a long, hard year. The people who say ‘since when do we give teachers gifts,’ truly don’t appreciate how much of our heart and soul goes into each child. Give a gift that your teacher will actually like, I hope you have attempted to get to know them throughout the year!! If you are looking for something simple and cute Google M&Ms poem for teachers. Or, most teachers have an obsession with nice pens, go to Officeworks!! Always give a gift where you write on the card and your child. It teaches your child that you value the learning that they have done for the last year!!   Angie
  •  Pot plant with the saying ‘thanks for helping me grow’ on it Wine and wine glasses..   Kimmy
  •  Something practical or edible or drinkable – nothing they are going to have to feel guilty about throwing away because they have so many ‘cute’ trinkets from their students over many years.  Sarah
  •  I am a teacher and my most favorite gift is a gift card to a store that I can buy supplies for my class! Target, Kmart, etc…Ashley
  •  My favourite gifts to receive as a teacher are Christmas ornaments, especially if you put the child’s name on (even written on a bought ornament) my tree is the most eclectic tree with a story attached to a lot of the ornaments.   Erin
  •  Cinema voucher to go and see a movie.   Catherine
  •  As a teacher, my favourite gifts have been letters from parents expressing their thanks for the year. Even better when a copy also goes to the principal. In terms of gifts, a gift voucher from the whole class is always a favourite. Mostly teachers just want recognition for their efforts with your child!   Kristin
  •  Loving these ideas now just to figure out which ones to do.   Nicole
  •  I’m a teacher and can I advise you not to give a mug with lollies!!!! Just think at least 5 kids give this gift every year…. Over the span of however many years of teaching…. How many mugs does one person need??? I have given many mugs away over the years! Best gifts ever…. Bottle of wine, voucher for a pamper – mani, massage etc… They are the best gifts ever!!!   Melanie
  •  Often a special message written by the parent and child is enough. Would hate to offend anyone, but receiving 25 different soaps/body lotions/candles each yr is frustrating as it all gets wasted or thrown out. Christmas decorations are great, as are gift cards, and you can never go wrong with something to eat or drink.   Tanya
  •  I start collecting little things throughout the year. So far I have a travel mug, coffee sachets, a necklace, a book and a pen. Not expensive but I’m sure most teachers would appreciate anything.   Renea
  •  I always asked for botox for the wrinkles they gave me beauty voucher, alcohol!, scratchies, plant/herb.   Kirsty
  •  I’m getting the whole class together and doing a finger print tree, as our teacher has had her class for two years.   Melinda
  •  Some nice home baked cookies with a note saying “thank you for making me a smart cookie”. Or a nice plant with a note saying “thank you for helping me grow” Or wine (anyone who works with children deserves wine!). Or chocolates or a gift voucher.   Casey
  •  Saw a cute idea on pintrest for a treat bag with a travel lotion and nail polish and the tag said for your mistle toes! I thought that was cute!   April
  •  As someone on a limited budget, with a large family (I don’t buy presents for my brother and sisters, and some years not even my parents) I don’t think people should be expected to buy presents for their kid’s teachers. I have three kids, and between them they have 10 teachers/ daycare carers. If I have time, I make some Christmas cookies or a slice for the staff room at school and daycare, but if not, I write them a card.   Melanie
  •  When I was teaching preschool I always loved gift cards. Especially coffee cards.   Kimberly
  •  Stationary! All teachers love stationary.   Carly
  •  Gift voucher.   Nikki
  •  My mum was a teacher’s assistant and she said her favourite gifts were Christmas decorations for the tree!! She still has some from 15+ years ago and they get put up every year and chocolates always go down well!!    Stacey
  •  Personally I would get the stickers, pens etc or a gift card so they can choose their own.    Sarah
  •  Christmas cookie mix in a jar so all they have to do is tip into the bowl and add milk simple but personal and cheap!    Kathryn
  •  Homemade Christmas cookies.   Paola
  •  I have a total of 6 teachers to buy for this year. I am getting them each a teacher’s theme bookmark, $20 gift voucher for a book store & a box of chocolate.   Michelle
  •  Last year I got a special plaque from what’s new for my sons teacher with a nice saying on it.   Rebecca
  •  Last year we gave our teacher a Christmas star for the top of the class tree as she didn’t have one.   Amanda
  •  Maybe make some cookies and get the kids to decorate them to give to the teachers. We are doing this with our daughter to give to family as presents from her.   Meagan
  •  Has cute custom pintables’ that would be great framed or included in the inside of a book which could be donated to the classroom library.   Catriona
  •  Christmas cooking (plum pudding/rum balls/truffles), personalised stickers, voucher for book shop?   Kate
  •  A good pen.   Vix
  •  I usually get a small bath set or chocolates for each teacher but as this is the last year at preschool we got his teachers a Christmas snow globe so they can remember him next year and they will get a homemade card from him just brought him suckers to put on it.   Toni
  •  As a teacher I really appreciate any gift, as it is the thought that counts. From experience though we get a lot of candles, cups and soaps. Whole class gift vouchers are awesome or xmas ornaments, homemade goodies, dvd, plants, personalised gift. I was given a “relax pack” – filled with things to help me relax on the holiday e.g dvd, nail polish, magazine, chocs etc.   Rebecca
  •  A book voucher? All teachers love books. Or if she’s a favourite, a plant so she has a reminder of your child.   Annette
  •  Something made by your kids. Maybe a Christmas decoration?   Ruth
  •  I always love chocolate and a card where both student and parents write a personal thank you message. One year I got a voucher for a massage with a note saying ‘the year is over and your hard work has paid off. Here is a treat to help you now rest and relax. Thanks’. Made me cry!   Allira
  •  As a teacher, my favourite gifts have been Christmas ornaments- I remember each student every year when I hang them on the tree.   Bree
  •  https://facebook/personaliseandmadewithlove will have some adorable little gift bags, the contents in the gift bag spell out teacher t= tissue for the illnesses had through out the year e= earplugs when “class____’ Gets too loud etc.   Bernadette
  •  Handmade body scrub in a pretty jar for the ladies and a men’s fragranced soap for the men. Get kids to make the gift tags.   Christine
  •  Reward sticker packs.   Renee
  •  Xmas coffee cup filled with homemade chocolates and biscuits.   Jenna

 What gift do you give teachers ?

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