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Gifts to welcome new baby

Gifts to welcome newborn babyWhat are your go-to gifts to welcome new baby, other than the usual clothes, ?

  • A nappy cake is a great gift Kerrie
  • Definitely a tilly & otto amelie lace wrap. Gorgeous item that can be used as a wrap, a pram cover, a cot blanket or an heirloom. Hayley
  • Hooded bath towels, nappies, wipes, rattles or soft scrunchy toy/book, bath thermometer Steph
  • get things for new mum!! Like breast pads, maternity pad, shampoos/conditions, body wash,mask cream etc in basket… She will appreciate that a lot!! Everyone is always thinking of new baby but every momma deserve something as a reward!! Kita
  • A feeding pillow is a great different idea good for mum and baby. Ots also something we don’t think to get for ourselves Krystal
  • Pamper pack for the new mum, also books Deejay
  • My fav gift was nappies and other items that meant less trips to the shops Brea
  • Love to dream swaddle Angela
  • Name a star, Personalised toy from @Something for Squirt, O.B Designs have gorgeous crocheted blankets and cute snuggly animals, Ergopouch, Bluebird bracelet Sharon
  • All the bits you need but dont have until you need them, baby panadol, a pipette/syringe for administering meds, infants friend, thermometer, basically a baby first aid kit, always good to have on hand x Em
  • Something ornamental. Like a porcelain/ceramic letter representing the child’s initial. I received Beatrix Potter ones for my boys and I adore them. A beautiful photo album is great or a gorgeous frame. I also received a stunning hand drawn artwork of a train with my sons name on it. It says “Welcome to the world, Thomas. Let the adventure begin.” I also totally adore that piece. It’s framed too. Belinda
  • a high chair food catcher, a bottle of wine and a note to open when it’s time to start on solids. Things are going to get messy, if you don’t let yourself enjoy the ride, it’s going to get bumpy. So sit back and let the Food Catcher help you. ‪www.mummaslitlehelpers.com.au Lyndsey
  • The best ‘gift’ i got was a friend made me meals to put in my freezer! Lol definitely needed them in those first weeks. Sarah
  • Gummee glove for when bubs is teething. Its amazing!! Or a pram liner if you know what brand of pram. Swaddle wraps. Nappies and wipes. Jamie
  • I do personalised teddies and have so many customers who purchase them as gifts when bub is born Morwenna
  • I had twins, so the best gift I got was a feeding pillow….also a massage voucher which I’ll get to use one day! Manda
  • I got rocky road from a friend – great to snack on in hospital! Also nappies – but go infant or crawler size as they probably already have newborn ones. Kelleigh
  • A personalised 750ml Contigo Madison bottle so she can have a water bottle next to her when she breastfeeds – amazing how much water you need then http://www.namemystuff.com.au/dri…/contigo/contigo-madison Dorthe
  • Keep sakes like money box Rachael
  • I recently got my friend baby panadol, baby eyes (sterile wipes from chemist) and other things that new mums might not possibly think of. I didn’t even think of panadol until my son was screaming and I had to rush to the chemist so now things like that are my go-to presents Michelle
  • A baby pod swaddle and a portable change mat that holds a small packet of wipes and a couple of nappies. These are things I found the most useful and have givem them to 3 sets of new parents now. Everytime I see them they say how much the baby loves the baby pod swaddle and how handy the change mat is. Baby pods are online, the change mat is a jj cole from baby bunting Kellie
  • Definitely things for Mum, I got a care pack from my mum with moisturizer face masks a new loofah and all the stuff that eventually made me start feeling normal again and I don’t know if this is weird but I would have LOVED some cooked meals haha Kate
  • the best gift I received after having any of my babies came from one of my best friends who had had a baby her self 3 months earlier. She made me a lasagne. It went in the freezer in portions and came out when ever Hubby and I needed a decent meal but I couldn’t manage it! Ammie
  • Always something for the new mum/parents… They deserve a little something too at this time Rebecca
  • My friend was given a car emergency pack which had a change of clothes for her, breast pads, baby nappies, bottles, dummies, wipes- everything you need, to keep in the boot of your car incase your out and forget something I thought that was a really cool idea! Nicole
  • A pamper voucher for the mum! The baby gets all the gifts! Anon

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