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Hair loss after baby – is it normal?

Many women experience luscious hair growth during pregnancy. It’s thicker, it’s more voluminous, it holds length and it shines like something out of a glossy Pantene commercial. However, after bub arrives, many of us watched those gorgeous mermaid locks swirl slowly down the drain like something out of a horror film.

So why do we experience hair loss after baby? Is this something we should be concerned about? Is there anything we can do during pregnancy to attempt to prevent it?

hair loss after baby

Why do we experience hair loss after baby?

It’s an interesting concept. It’s not so much that we experience hair loss AFTER baby, it’s that we DON’T experience it DURING pregnancy. Elevated levels of estrogen during pregnancy both lengthen the growing stage and almost ‘freeze’ it into the growth stage. This means that all the hair you lose during your day-to-day life (that the robot vacuum chokes on around the house) is often dramatically lessened during pregnancy.

While it might seem like you’re shedding heaps and heaps (and you’re wondering when it’s going to stop!) what you’re actually doing is just getting rid of the excess that didn’t disappear while you were pregnant.

You can read what our BHT community thinks about hair loss after baby at this link – you might find a few good tips (if not, some condolences instead!).

Is there anything that can prevent hair loss after baby?

Unfortunately, this is just one of those things. Short of super-glueing the hair to your head in an attempt to keep everything in place it’s probably just going to be something that you’re going to have to deal with.

Hair loss after baby is very normal and it’s nothing to be concerned about. If you have concerns that it might be related to another health issue, potentially an over or under-active thyroid, Baby Hints and Tips recommends a consultation with your health care professional or with your maternal child health nurse.

Continuing to take your pregnancy vitamins or consulting with a naturopath may show some results but, again, this is an incredibly normal part of pregnancy and hair loss after baby is just one of those things. It may not be glamorous but at least we can bask in the glory of what was our (once) shiny, glossy manes!

Post pregnancy hair loss

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