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Healthy Mummy Challenge – Week 1 Complete!

10805732_965966760084298_1100122661885061203_nSo with the first week complete of our Lose Baby Weight Challenge, between us we have seen in excess of 25cm’s & 9kg’s!  Want to read more about the challenge?  Check it out here

Here are is our week 1 update:

Tanya: Woo Hoo, 1kg down at the end of week 1! I am really enjoying the challenge so far. The food is great, even my husband and kids enjoy it. It is so easy on work days to make a salad and snacks and take to work. The snacks are delicious and easy to make. And the exercise is easy to fit in to my routine, 30 minutes in the morning before work and I’m done.  I can’t wait for week 2.

Kristin:  So 1 week down and I’m feeling great, The food has been super tasty & I’m happy to say the rest of the family enjoyed them just as much as I did, even the 3 year old was asking for more so overall I’d say that’s a win!  Scales didn’t move as much as I’d hoped but I am losing cm’s so it’s obviously shifting 🙂

Nikki:  I found the recipes easy to follow, and very tasty. Even husband friendly which is a bonus!  Some of the exercises I found hard to repeat, but I as determined to do them and get them done.  Still feeling excited! Bring on Week 2!

rsz_image1Mel:  I’m actually so proud of myself… I stuck to this exercise and eating plan to a tee all week… Added extra walks here and there also.   Bit shattered with my results as I felt for some reason I would have somehow lost more than I did… But just makes me want to work even harder this week!!  So the week started tough- the first 2 days I had the worst sugar cravings possible which resulted in a horrendous headache that was borderline a migraine!  I woke up on day 3 feeling so much better! Refreshed even!!  My body is sore, but it’s a good pain!  The meals/snacks were surprising easy and tasty. I am finding I am trying a lot of new things and loving them.

Ash:  I haven’t lost much at all, and don’t see any difference but feel better on the inside, I look bigger in the photos     lol but I’m eating well, even though not sticking to plan exactly I’m making healthy choices from the choices given       and mixing up the menus to suit my boys and I.  The exercises although I didn’t do all of them the ones I did do were     tough but worth it.  My mind set is starting to change, its getting easier to look for the banana or apple rather than the chocolate, although I still love my choccie and enjoyed the choc dipped strawberries.  My fave meal by far has been the zucchini fritters, I even made a huge batch and took some around to motivate my dad who really needs to eat healthier. He loved them. If anything so far in this challenge its made me realise that nothing will happen over night but baby steps and it will happen. And if I can help my dad to start making healthier choices and start to change some of his habits I have already achieved so much by doing this challenge.

rsz_dsc_0070Lisa:  Week one done and dusted. I realised yet again how awesome it feels to treat my body well. The food has been easy, tasty and affordable.  Apart from a few withdrawals and falling asleep with my baby for a 3rd nap in Tuesday I have the most energy is have had as a mum. I work out at night and though the temptation to skip was there I pushed through and just did. Have lost 3.6 kg (yay!) and cm all over. And I have my confidence back! My insecurities are coming into perspective to the point of wearing swimmers and not caring what people thought but being proud of my body! Bring on week 2!

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