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Homemade Christmas Cards – Handmade Craft For Mums and Toddlers

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paperby Jenny Peace from Little Masterpeaces

This Christmas card is easy for the adult to prepare and for a young child to make. It is an educational activity too, as children are challenged to order the strips of paper from longest to shortest.

You will need:

Christmas wrapping paper offcuts, old christmas cards or christmas scrapbooking paper (small patterns and designs work best but some solid colours look great too)


glue stick

A4 piece of white card, folded, for card base

yellow & brown scraps of card or paper for tree trunk & star

What to do:

1. Cut strips of christmas paper either with paper trimmer or scissors. Kids who can capably use scissors can help with this. For a young child, you can cut the strips to the lengths required Рmeasure the first strip to fit the base of the tree, then make each subsequent strip slightly shorter than the last. For an older child, make it more challenging by cutting strips to the same length. The child then has to make the strips progressively shorter on their own.

2. Cut a rectangle of brown paper for the tree trunk and glue it onto the white card base. Now start gluing the patterned paper strips horizontally, from longest to shortest.

3. When you have glued all the strips on, nearly to the top of the card, cut out a star out of yellow paper or card. I used a large star punch, but you could also draw a star or find one on clip art, print it and cut out or trace.

4. Glue your star on the top of your tree and you are all done.

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