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How do I select the right childcare for my child?

Web-2Finding childcare or even occasional care for your child can be a daunting, overwhelming and even scary experience. As a parent there is so many variables that become part of this decision, how is it possible to line the options up side-by-side and make an informed decision?

Well, mums and dads, put your panic, frustration and sheer exasperation aside – we have the answer to the ‘finding quality care’ puzzle solved!

Eenie Meenie is an innovative new website that allows you to weigh up the options and choose a childcare facility that’s right for your child. For once you’re comparing apples with apples – finding a registered childcare is actually easy!

Here’s how Eenie Meenie is solving those hurdles one relieved parent at a time!

Holy heck – is everything booked out?

Finding somewhere you can actually get a spot without a 17-year wait list can seem impossible. We’ve almost all been there, calling centre after centre trying to find a place for our little one. The good news is that Eenie Meenie can tell you what centres have places, right now for your child. Accurate, up to date information is at your fingertips – forget calling around, ridiculous wait lists and the frustration of rejection,log on and see immediately what’s available!

But how do I know this is quality care? I can’t trust my child to just anyone!

Trusting someone else to mind your child is a massive decision. For many of us it’s a great concern and we worry about the quality of care and safety of the centre our child might be left at. Rest assured that by seeking childcare via Eenie Meenie you will only be reviewing the very best possible options. Eenie Meenie only accepts participation from accredited government registered centres and highly regulated and trusted centre brands. They’ve done the rigorous checking so you can feel at ease that your child will be in the best possible hands every single day.

I need occasional care for a short period of time – not a year long commitment!

It often arises that a parent may need care for an occasional period. This could be a single day, a few weeks or even months. Whatever the time period you require Eenie Meenie can assist you in meeting this requirement. Eenie Meenie can show you what centres near you have vacancies be it for a day, week, month or year. So whether you’ve a terrible flu and just need a few days care starting tomorrow, have a work contract for a month or two or feel your child is ready to have a term of care before school starts (or any other reason of course!) click through to Eenie Meenie and see what suits your needs right now!

Childcare seems really expensive – can I even afford to go back to work?

It’s a fact, childcare can be really costly. Centres can range up to $50 difference in fees for one day! For many people returning to work can be unviable if childcare fees are chewing up most of their income. One of Eenie Meenie best strengths is that you can compare on not just location, facilities and centre size but also price. And when you are returning to work price can be really important. We totally get that! $20 a day saved for full time care is over $5000 a year. That’s a family holiday worth of savings!

For now, Eenie Meenie covers the greater Brisbane area with over 200 centres on their books. They will be rolling out nationwide so this outstanding service will be available to all mums and dads in the future. There is no extra cost incurred in using EenieMeenie to secure your child’s care. You simply pay a 20% deposit to hold the placement and pay the balance to the centre and the peace of mind is… priceless! There’s no more important decision as to whom you trust the care of your child, call in the experts and begin your childcare journey worry-free!

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