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How early did your pregnancy cravings start?

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I am starting to get cravings (in between nausea bouts) and I keep thinking it’s too soon.

pregnancy cravingsHow early did your pregnancy cravings start?

Early cravings

  • I had cravings before I found out I was pregnant Samantha
  • You can get cravings soon as implantation happens Chaanny
  • I craved a certain thing for about 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Jayde
  • Had cravings 2 weeks before I found out. Amie
  • I was right on what we found out was 5 weeks pregnant with my twins when I started getting cravings. Kimi

Pregnancy cravings started later

  • Cravings actually don’t happen until your second trimester! This is what my doctor told me anyways! But everyone seems to say they have it right from the start, I never really got cravings, just drank a lot of milk as this stopped me from being sick! Daniella
  • My OB said if you are craving food before the 3rd trimester it’s just a normal food craving and not a pregnancy craving. Amalie

You may be lacking a vitamin

  • I really wanted salt & vinegar chips.  They helped with the nausea early in my second pregnancy but by the following week couldn’t bring myself to have anymore. It usually means your body is lacking in some sort of vitamin so it could be possible that it is the case already. Kathleen
  • As soon as I new I was pregnant all I wanted was salt and vinegar chips ate so many while I was pregnant Zora
  • I craved potato the whole of my first trimester. I found out later that potato has natural anti nausea properties. So I think depending on what you are craving it could just be your body looking to correct deficiencies especially if you have been quite sick. Sam
    I craved red meat, and actually ate a steak before I knew I was pregnant, it was a sign, i had not eaten red meat in 11 years prior to that day. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I found out. Depending on the craving, it could be something your body is telling you it needs. Lisa

When did your cravings start? What was it you craved? Share below

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