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How early was your positive pregnancy test?

how early can you take a pregnancy testHow early can you take a pregnancy test after sex? My fiancé and I had sex on Christmas night, and I’m due for my period early Jan, we aren’t trying to get pregnant, just doing my head waiting. The six days before missed period will be Monday… But wondering if tonight/tomorrow is too soon? Thanks!

  • If you had sex three days ago it is too early to test. Tamra
  • Way too soon! I had a positive hpt 9 days after, if u r pregnant, implantation wouldnt have even occurred yet. Kylie
  • Mine was 3 days before my period was due, Simone
  • I got a positive test 6 days before my period was due! its different for everyone though. Meg
  • it is too soon, I got a positive 6 days before missed period but not everyone gets it that early, all depends on when implantation occurs. Alana
  • When we were trying to conceive, I got a positive result 6 days before my period was due. Samara
  • I didn’t get a positive until a couple of days after the missed period. Nicole
  • The longer you wait the better. You may get a false negative. I tested to early and got 3 false negatives. Chantel
  • It depends when you ovulated as to how soon you get a positive hpt I tested positive a week and a half before my period was due!  Simone

  • I took a pregnancy test daily from a week before my period was due, it came up positive 3 days before. It was a very faint line. Lisa
  • fI was positive the day after my period was due with a very faint line, Sarah


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