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How Much Baby Formula should a child have? Does your child drink the same amount of formula as the tin says?

  • Infants need 150ml/kg of body weight. The tin often tells you to make more than your child needs. Baby Sleep Consultant Australia
  • No. It’s only a guide – just give your baby what they let you know they need. Kyra
  • My kids were always an age bracket ahead of the tin label. Sam
  • Nope always behind (2day one of my 7 month old twins) only had three bottles a day. I give up on the tins, my girls are thriving. Ignore the tin. Ashlee
  • No, every bub is different don’t stress if your baby has more or less, it’s just a guide. Carolyn
  • No mines way behind but putting on correct weight. Zora
  • Nope my son is a big boy but always has much less than the recommendations on the tin. Laura
  • Never. Its different amounts at every feed. Alyssa
  • My boy has matched the tin since 2 weeks old, they let you know what they need. Jade
  • DD is 9mo and has x3 200ml and x1 250ml. Sometimes when going through a growth spurt she could drink x350ml before bed. It’s only a guide, your baby will let you know how much they need. Rachel
  • My 1st DS didn’t drink anywhere near what it said. Natasha
  • Mine does but its only a guide to mums you dont have to follow it. Claire
  • My daughter never did I gave up filling “what she should be drinking” and let her guide me. Nikki
  • Never had what was on the tin. I use the 150ml x weight rule for the total amount of the day and divide that by how many feeds. Again I only used as a guide. Some days he would have more and some days less. Emma
  • Nope my son is 9weeks old and he has 180ml which is been on since 6weeks. Tin says 180ml is for 3rd & 4th month of age. If your baby is still sucking that they want more just make another bottle of 30ml & see how they go, if that happens often just make all bottles the extra 30ml. Thats what i did anyway, but i feed my baby till he pushes the bottle away telling me his full. In saying that his a porka lol but also a very happy content baby who sleeps well so were both happy. Nicole
  • Are you talking number of bottles or how much is in bottle? Offer the same number of bottles but if bubs doesn’t finish amount in bottle it’s ok so long as they are drinking. Laura
  • My daughter never had the tin amount. Usually 40% less than recommended for her age. She was always quite low in weight on the charts but generally stayed on her curve. She now an active lean 2 yo. Ashleigh
  • No he is always way over or way under, never drinks the recommended amount. Clair

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