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How to baby proof your house

Baby-proofingMy almost 7mo is really starting to get about¬†independently¬†and I need to baby proof the house but have no idea where to start! Any safety hints would be much appreciated ūüôā

  • Oh i need this info too… where do you start? it seems like everytime i move something she finds something else to head butt lol.¬†¬† Tara
  • We started with cupboard and drawer locks. We also put the foam door things that stop the doors from banging and catching fingers.
    When our DS got a bit more adventurous we got a gate to block off the study with all of the power cords, filing cabinet, etc.   Janette
  • Put all cords away move things off low tables pretty much anything that is easily picked up and put into the mouth that you don’t want in the mouth lol oh and photo frames and ornaments on low tables¬†¬† Lisa-Marie
  • Power point sockets need to be blocked all cords tidied up and put iit of reach an child safe locks on cupboard doors, draws and provs toilet lid. (say toilet lid as my son got in and ate the toilet freshner in the bowl)¬†¬† Hannah
  • Get clips for the cupboards and a lock for the toilet also shut doors! Also tea towels are great for the cupboard to lock them up¬†¬† Rebeka
  • Also a baby get to the areas you don’t want bub in maybe blocking off bedrooms n kitchen¬†¬† Lisa-Marie
  • Cupboard locks for the doors ,power point covers¬†¬† Karlie
  • Also buy power point inserts. Theyare plastic and fit into the sockets to stip kiddies putting things in there¬†¬† Louisa
  • We moved the cat’s food & water bowls and litter tray into the office and put a baby gate in the doorway. Then had to teach the silly cat how to jump over it!¬†¬† Camilla
  • i just went with the flow … I had to put a baby gate up in the laundry but thats really it she isnt the type to pull open cupboard or draws so i didnt have to bother . But some babies are very persistent in gettin into things so just wait until they start reaching or grabbing certain things¬†¬† Melanie
  • le (tv cabinets bookshelfs stoves ) fans draws windows flyscreens posions chemicals anything you don’t want wrecked basically or lost like you car/house keys mobil phones also smokes¬†¬† Paulie
  • Get on the floor yourself and see what they can see, it will help you to not miss anything. I’m in the process of doing the same at the moment¬†¬† Candice
  • Not sure where your from but westmead has a house u can go to and it teaches u how to baby prof ur house.¬†¬† Miiz
  • We don’t baby proof anything in our house. We taught them from the start that there are certain things that are out of bounds. But we do keep doors closed to areas such as bathrooms, toilets, laundry. And poisons up high in cupboards.¬†¬† Evelyn
  • I didnt baby proof anything. Just keep doors shut and teach them boundaries¬†¬† Nikki
  • Duct tape is a godsend. We used it to cover outlets, keep cabinets shut, keep diapers on… and if a crib breaks, the side makes a great baby gate¬†¬† Denise
  • ive found hooks for cupboard doors, if u have sliding wooden doors (ensuite etc) use a hook and eye. Theres plastic things u can use for cupboards that have handles u can loop through ( u just press a button and it slides open and shut).theres foam things u can stick on doors to prevent them from closing doors on fingers¬†¬† Lisa
  • powerpoint covers. Too. Kmart is a great place to start!!¬†¬† Lisa
  • I haven’t baby proofed anything, besides putting the poisons up high. If you teach them from the start, right from wrong, they will learn. It takes a lot of effort but well worth it.¬†¬† Tracey
  • I haven’t done anything yet except a gate in the hallway to block his access to the main (3- way) bathroom and the other 2 bedrooms. One of them my sister lives in and the door doesn’t stay shut properly so he kept going and waking her up in his walker. We just shut the laundry & study doors and our bedroom door which blocks his access to our bathroom. He opens cupboards but isn’t interested. He’s almost 11 months. Might get some drawer lock things to keep him out of the knife/ 400 utensils drawer and I probably should lock the sink cupboard to keep him from bin and chems I guess LoL. Although he’s always supervised. We can’t hate off our kitchen so if the ovens on we just put him in his high chair or find something to amuse him.¬†¬† Kirsty
  • A good idea too, If you have a flat screen tv, is to get the straps that attach to the back and then attach to the your tv cabinet. You may teach them right from wrong but accidents happen. I’m only pushing this issue because a 5 yr old boy was killed about half hr from where I live only weeks ago. He was trying to open the tv cabinet draw and something inside got stuck, he didn’t realise so he just kept pulling & the tv fell on him. I’m sorry to bring up such a sad issue but alot of people think it won’t happen, but it does, and it shouldn’t. Because it can be easily prevented.¬†¬† Colleen
  • My boy has just hit 6mths and I’m starting to think about the same thing. I have decided to baby proof us instead hahaha. I have sectioned off the lounge and will probably include the kitchen too. He can have the rest of the house. The lounge has everything breakable still left out, but he can’t get in there. Until he learns to climb the barrier, hopefully that will be a while yet hahaha¬†¬† Skye


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