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Introducing your newborn to an older sibling

Bringing a new baby into your family is one of life’s greatest blessing, there’s no mistaking that precious moment when you realise that you are going to be a mother once again. There’s such hope for the wonderful relationship’s that will be flourish in your expanding family, but how do you ensure a smooth transition?

introducing newborn to older sibling

If your first born child is use to the attention being on them, then it might seem a little bit daunting to let them know that they’ll soon be sharing the spotlight. So, it’s important to set up the foundations of a healthy relationship before your new baby’s arrival.

Introducing your first born to the idea of a new baby

One of the best ways to begin a healthy relationship between your two children is to be open. This is such a wonderfully exciting time so embrace it! Let your first born enjoy the moment as well by telling them that their family will be growing.

I will always cherish the moment when we first told our son that he was going to be a big brother. We took him to a park and explained that we had something very exciting to tell him. We really wanted him to feel included, while understanding that soon there will be someone new joining our family, who might require a bit of extra attention.

It was important to let him know that he will make a wonderful big brother, and listed some of his qualities. Then, we explained that we’re really grateful that he will be patient with us and the baby.

Younger children might not fully understand how long it takes before you can welcome the new baby into the family. So, try taking them to some of your antenatal appointments. This way they can understand that the baby is living inside Mummy.

Better yet, they might even get to hear or see their new baby sister or brother.

Gift your children a keepsake 

This is sort of like a push present but between siblings – it’s not as crazy as it sounds I promise.

A month before I was due with our second son, my first born choose a book for his baby brother. Once he found the perfect story, he wrote a beautiful message inside the front cover. He then wrapped the book himself and put it on the shelf ready for when they first met.

This gave him something else to look forward to, and something he felt he did on his own. We also purchased a similar gift for our newborn to give to his big brother in return.

These books are now cherished by both of my sons. This helped to ease any tension that my first born had about the attention no long fully being on him, because he felt involved.

At the end of the day, there’s bound to be a roller-coaster of emotions from everyone, however, this is such a magical but short time. So, giving your children the building blocks to a solid and respectful relationship will only help you, and them during this next exciting chapter.

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