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Iron deficiency Anaemia in babies

iron deficiency anaemiaMy 8mth old has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and was wondering what other mums and dads did who have been through this situation. He is fully breast fed. Did you switch to formula or take extra iron. Bub isn’t a great eater at the moment

  • just add more iron to your diet and take iron tablets. Food before is just for fun. Look at the ‘the milk meg’ facebook page. Have they done blood test as the doctors kept telling me that my first child ( without blood tests) would be iron deficit as there is no iron in breastmilk which is so not true. He didn’t eat anything until 14 months of age and at 9 is healthy and happy and not iron deficit Annakarena
  • Our little one just had more iron every day Brierley
  • It happen with my lil one too coz he was not a big fan of food… you can get iron mixtures for them from pharmacy… its called increnim i think.. helps build up appetite too…. Phy
  • You should be able to get a liquid iron supplement for your baby Janice
  • My son had this for the first 18mths. He had ferro liquid which is an iron supplement available from the chemist (you can get it over the counter) to help boost his iron and he just ate and drank what he usually did Carissa
  • as an add on to his diet/food I would cook up a full lamb cutlet and let him suck and naw on the meat and he will get all the good juices out of it and that will help top up his daily intake I would also add some green leafy vegetables to his diet and let him try it and see what he likes But the lamb chop will help with top up and teeth My advice is however an at home top up I would still follow doctor advice on anything medical he needs Jessica
  • We gave our son iron fortified cereal & increased his intake in iron rich foods. He was bf too & with his diet it improved itself over time but it does take a little while for these levels to rise Christina
  • My son was diagnosed at 8 mths too, be sure to give farex as its fortified with iron. We also give ferro liquid that is fairly inexpensove inexpensive from the chemist. His iron levels came up immediately. He is 18 mths now and i still give iron, but its totally under control. Good luck. Catherine
  • Food before breast milk. You need to push the food. Look at your iron levels too! I don’t think you need to worry about formula unless you can’t get the iron up. Try to push the food especially the iron fortified cereals. It’ll be the easiest on your child’s tummy. Or if you’re too worried the formula will work fine Melissa
  • Easily fixed. Just give bubs ferro drops, a small liquid drops containing iron. Most likely when bubs starts eating more foods iron will get into his system that way. Plus your breastmilk contains iron so it’s a good dual approach Lani
  • I’ve never experienced this. But could you try giving them some rice cereal? That’s meant to be high in iron Annie
  • S-26 good for iron Stacee
  • My daughter has 1 ml daily of ferro liquid. You can buy it from chemists just off the shelf. I’ve been told when she’s on full solids it should improve and she can come off it. Tiffany

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