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Pregnant and PM – One of the World’s Most Powerful Women is Expecting!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced she’ll be pregnant with her first child while in the top job.  She proudly announced she’ll be joining the army of parents wearing two hats as she becomes the first ever national leader to have a baby while in office.

Jacinda Arden’s husband will assume the role of “stay at home dad” and support the PM’s journey back to work.

Prime Minister Arden’s family plans were called into question within 24 hours of taking on the Labour Party leadership and has always been a vocal advocate of working mothers.

In the coming months, we can ALL look forward to the media calling Ms Arden’s commitment into question, despite most male world leaders finding it impossible to get elected without the obligatory “family photo”.

Jacinda Arden Prime MInister of New Zealand is Pregnant


New Zealand’s proud history of women’s rights

Ms Arden’s journey will be yet another step in creating a friendlier and more progressive attitude towards working women. New Zealand is again a leader in female empowerment.

  • Since 1870 the New Zealand government championed higher wages for women
  • Women got the vote in New Zealand in 1893
  • Married women were granted property rights as early as 1884
  • In 1896 the first female doctor graduated in New Zealand
  • In 1949 the first Maori woman was elected to parliament
  • New Zealand was the first country where the five highest offices were all held by women – The Queen, Governor General. Prime Minister. Speaker and Chief Justice were all held by women between 2005 and 2006
  • The New Zealand population is majority female – there are around 80,000 more women in New Zealand than men.

Congratulations on the big news Prime Minister, we wish you all the best and can’t wait to see your pregnancy progress!

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