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JetKids by Stokke BedBox Review

I was talking to my friend about flying out to Fiji and how it was a night flight – which with every flight has pros and cons – and I guess I assumed my three kids would sleep soundlessly – or hoped they would – but it still played on my mind how my 3yo son Archie would go. You know toddlers + planes = excitement plus!

My friend went on to say that she has exactly what I needed and a week later she popped around to give me the JetKids by Stokke, BedBox.

Immediately, Archie was excited and started riding it around the house. I was surprised & delighted about the amount of room in the storage compartment but given it was a night flight we only packed Archie’s teddy and a blanket along with the mattress (already included). I liked the idea that we could store his possessions inside the Bed Box itself as it was convenient & very easy to access, when needed. 

The Bed Box is light weight and sturdy, so sturdy that Archie rode it all the way from the car park to the terminal! He then continued to ride it around the airport while we were checking in and waiting for the plane, which was a great way to keep him occupied. Even our older girls wanted to try scooting around on it! 

We had no issues getting it through the x-ray machine or onto the plane either and because it is so light and compact it fit easily under the seat in front of Archie. Also, due to the hard case I wasn’t worried about my son accidently standing on it when he was moving around the cabin. 

jetbox bedbox animationWhen it came time to set up, I held Archie whilst my husband set up the bed in less than five minutes. Archie quickly jumped onto his new bed and was comfy in no time! He fell asleep about half an hour after snuggling in and he slept all the way to Fiji. I was so relieved and we were all very jealous as he looked the most comfortable on the whole plane. 

jetkids bedbox review Packing it up was just as easy as the set up was so it didn’t take too long for my husband to put away before the plane started to descend. 

As the case is so compact when we got to the hotel (yes, our son rode it as much as he could from leaving the flight to when we got to the room) I was able to store it under our bed until we needed it to come home. 

I would highly recommend the JetKids by Stokke, BedBox to anyone who was going to travel with a toddler, especially if the flight was during nap time or a night flight!

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