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Last minute back to school baking

Can you believe school has gone back already? If you are feeling like you’ve run out of time but still want to prepare some yummy lunches, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a round up of recipes that the kids will love in their lunch box.

Lunch box ideas

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Chocolate and cherry muffins

Egg free, these chocolate and cherry muffins are fantastic for kids with egg allergies or when you go to bake and realise you haven’t got any!  They are also one bowl.  That’s me…sold!  I can’t stand washing up after baking!

Back to school lunch box ideas

Noodle frittatas

These are perfect for the lunchbox and are super yummy from Kidgredients. They also freeze really well and have lots of veggies in them!  Perfect for packing noodles without a thermos and without all the mess.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Cheese and bacon mini quiches

Got a kid that doesn’t like a sandwich?  Then these cheese and bacon mini quiches are sure to be a winner!  Yummy cold and easy to make, you’ll wonder why they weren’t on you “to-bake” list before now.

Back to school lunch box ideas

Chocolate crunch balls

These chocolate crunch balls from Oh So Busy Mum are the perfect little bite size treat.  Save them for after school if your school has a no sugar policy! Also perfect as party food, because they are so cute.

Back to school lunch box ideas

Cheese and zucchini fritters

These awesome cheese and zucchini fritters from Create Bake Make pack in some extra veggies and are delicious served cold, so great for packing in the lunchbox. If you’re got fussy kids, try including a sauce for dipping, it makes eating them a bit more fun.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Apple crumble balls

Nut free and super scrummy, these apple crumble balls are perfect for a sweet treat, without refined sugar!  They are also super easy to make. You can use your Thermomix or a food processor to make them.  No bake is definitely a winner at back to school time.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Raspberry muffins

Muffins are always a hit and these raspberry ones are easy to make and delicious! So easy a three-year-old can make them! They are sure to please even the fussiest kids.

Brown rice pizza base

If your kids are gluten free, then these brown rice pizza bases from Kidgredients are sure to put a grin on their faces!  If they aren’t gluten free, they are still awesome.  Perfect for making your lunch box a little more wholesome and you can top them with whatever takes your fancy.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Banana and oat cookies

Yummy banana and oat cookies are super quick to whip up and are filled with good wholesome ingredients.  Don’t worry- they can also be frozen, so they don’t need to all be eaten at once!

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Fruit and seed slice

If it’s hot where you are right now, you’ll love that this fruit and seed slice is no bake! There’s no need to turn on the oven to make something that tastes great. With no nuts, it’s perfect for packing in the lunch box.



There you go!  Everything you need to get ready for back to school lunch boxes. What’s your go to lunch box treat?

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Kylie is a mum to two kids. She blogs at Kid Ingredients where you will find family meals, lunchbox recipes and everything you need to feed your tribe fun, delicious food.

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