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mum weight lossI’m a busy mum of two a toddler and a baby and want to loose 25 kilos. Any pointers or tips to help me. All exercise will need to be at home weather is rubbish and gym isn’t possible. Any home exercise suggestions with children that don’t sleep much. Thank you mums


  • I found a personal trainer who come to the house, she’s super flexible so I text her what time nap time is likely to be and if my boy happens to be awake, he joins in & she entertains him too  She only comes once a week and the other days I just do 30 mins at nap time of whatever she’s shown me that week & walks to the park, being active with my boy while at the park a couple of times a week. I have 2 protein shakes per day to keep me full between meals & avoid skipping meals. Breakfast is scrambled eggs or yoghurt with oats & nuts. I always double batch my dinners so that covers lunch the next day.  Taniele
  • If you need tips, motivation or advice on fitness the m.i.l.f.s group is good to add (if no one has already suggested it) its a place for mothers trying to get back in shape. Anon
  • Try Jillian michaels 30 day shred DVD it’s an intense 20 min circuit workout you can do in your lounge room I lost 18 Kg in 3 months after my first doing this DVD combined with walking and clean eating.. I started off with no energy or motivation but once the weight started coming off my energy levels increased. Bianca
  • I highly recommend weight watchers. I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old and I started a month after my second was born. I have lost 17kg so far. Ranging between 500 – 1kg (sometimes more) a week. I haven’t been exercising either. Just chasing after my kids and cleaning the house. I recommend it as you arent restricted to what you can eat. You can have that chocolate bar if you are craving it it that sneaky cheeseburger from maccas you just need to eat within your points! It’s not so much a diet it’s more of a healthy lifestyle change. And to go to the weekly meeting is a good incentive to be good for the week so you don’t stand on the scales and have put weight on and it gets you out of the house and interacting with other people. Plus if you are breast feeding you get extra points so you are never hungry! Plus all the meals I cook for myself the hubby and kids eat as well so they are eating healthy foods also! Good luck

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