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34 Magic Eraser Hacks that Confirm Why They’re Magic

If you haven’t discovered magic erasers yet we’re about to rock your world with these magic eraser hacks.

If you already love this cleaning genius and it’s incredible ways, you’ll know just how versatile and handy they can be.

There’s only one downside – they disintegrate so quickly.

Enter the new Eraser Daddy 10x. He’s more than up to the task of every other magic eraser but he simply refuses to disintegrate. So, let’s put this bad boy to work with magic eraser hacks you can try in your own home. Here’s our favourite magic eraser hacks to try right now!

  • Remove crayon, felt-tip and pencil marks from walls (and just about anywhere else)

If your little angels been a little devil a Magic Eraser in the answer to de-Picasso-ing the walls – or any other surface. Don’t forget to wet your eraser first so its not too abrasive on your paint work.

  • Magic eraser hack for clothes: remove deodorant stains from dark clothes

There’s nothing worse than pulling on a dark coloured top to see dreaded white deodorant marks! Don’t rummage for a change of top, pull our your magic eraser and with gentle care you can vanish that deodorant evidence clean away!

  • Detail the car especially if they’re annoying back seat kickers

before you get too crazy here your magic eraser should not be used on the car’s paint. But scuff marks from kids kicking the back of the seats, built up grime on your rims or spills in your coffee holder – magic eraser has it covered. Why not keep a magic eraser in your glovebox? If you’re sitting waiting at school pick up line there’s always a quick scuff you could attend to while you’re waiting!

  • Trims around your home – skirting boards, doors, light switches

If your home’s trim work is looking a little (or a lot) scuffed freshen them up with a few swipes of a magic eraser. Skirting board especially will look like new removing shoe scuffs and toys drag marks with ease.

  • Make white sneakers new again

One of our favourite magic eraser hacks is the white sneakers trick! Clean white sneakers is a hot trend right now but keeping them white when you’re on the go can be a real challenge. Your trust magic eraser is the answer to cleaning up the rubber treads as well as surface scuffs on the leather.

Same as your leather sneakers you can also use a magic eraser on any other leather so think handbags, leather lounges, leather jackets and your car upholstery.

  • Remove labels from glass bottles (and other hard surfaces)

If you’ve got a jam jar you’d like to save or just bought a homeware with a particularly sticky, stubborn label reach for your trusty magic eraser to remove it. Plastic labels on storage containers? That’s a walk in the park for your magic eraser.

  • Bath tub scum be gone 

Got a tired looking tub? A magic eraser is ideal for deep cleaning to remove soap scum and built up scale from the water. It’s easy to get your bath looking brand new.

For other bathroom uses you can also apply the same to: shower build up, grot around your taps, descaling shower heads, cleaning tiles & re-shining tap ware to former glory. You can even use a magic eraser on your mirrors for stubborn toothpaste splashes.

  • Bring new life to silver or cutlery

Forget chemicals and horrible odours, granny’s silver cake knife (or any of your standard family cutlery) will benefit from a rub with a magic eraser. Take away tarnish and make everything shiny with a little bit of elbow grease. Granny would be proud!

Also think about large pieces of jewellery that can be easily rubbed? With some gentle love they’ll shine up as well!

  • Shine your sink

Don’t let a sad old sink get you down. A shiny sink can make the whole day seem better (it’s weird but it’s true!) polish your centre of your kitchen to sparkling new with a magic eraser for a fresh, clean appearance.

Don’t forget you can also use a magic eraser on your tapware too so don’t forget Mr Hot and Cold would appreciate a clean as well!

  • Clean your cabinet doors

Staying in the kitchen give your kitchen cabinets a facelift with a quick sweep of a magic eraser. You might not think they’re even dirty but you’ll be surprised the difference! Don’t forget kick-boards (the piece under your cupboard that joins the floor) as these are a high scuff area with brooms, feet and pets.

  • Magic eraser hacks for work: salvage your keyboard

If you look closely at your keyboard its actually pretty gross. Build up from the skin’s grease, moisturiser, food eaten while working and gosh knows what else can make your keyboard a miniature germ petri dish. No matter how often you wash your hands, the contact of typing alone will make your keyboard grubby over time. Make sure your computer is off and wipe carefully- don’t scrub!

  • Baking trays & saucepans like new

If your pots and pants aren’t looking like Gordon Ramsey would approve it’s time to reach for the magic eraser. Don’t also forget for kitchens that have been running overtime – your fridge handle, over racks and microwave plate will all benefit from a little bit of magic eraser TLC.

  • Remove red stains from Tupperware containers

There’s nothing worse than that permanent red tint on your plastic storage containers. Quitting spagbol need not be the answer! Your magic eraser will lift these with ease. And there’s no chemicals needed which is great when you store food in the item you’re cleaning!

  • Weird growth on outdoor furniture

If winter has seen your outdoor furniture looking a little funky a magic eraser can restore it just in time for summer entertaining. They can even be used on canvas cushions, just patch test first and don’t be over zealous!

When it comes to magic eraser hacks the possibilities are endless!

Be warned though you can call into a magic eraser rabbit hole where you’re cleaning for days once you start – it’s absolutely addictive. With no chemicals required this safe and easy means of cleaning your home is family friendly and peace of mind for everyone including little people and pets.

Remember when it comes to choosing a magic eraser they’re not all created equal!

Reach for the Eraser Daddy 10x (RRP $6.95 twin pack) because no matter how much you clean, he’s going to be ready to serve. The whole Scrub Daddy family of products is available in Coles launching this October! Be sure to see their website or socials for more information.

Want to win an epic $61.20 cleaning pack from Scrub Daddy?

Of course you do! Try these brilliant products bringing chemical free cleaning to your home on us. Bursting with everything you need to get the full Scrub Daddy experience it contains:

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Your house will be shining clean and chemical-free in no time! It’s easy to enter, simply comment below which magic eraser hack you’ll try first. Competition opens 25/10/2020 and closes 04/11/2020. Full terms and conditions can be found here. Good luck! 


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