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Maternity Wear Sydney: Local Guide

With maternity wear it’s impossible to make a one-sized fits all guide. So we’ve put together our maternity wear Sydney guide with all your options so that you can decide what will work best for you.

maternity wear sydney

Maternity Wear Sydney: Local Guide

Chain Store Maternity Lines

To find maternity clothes you don’t necessarily need to visit a boutique maternity store. Many chain stores have maternity lines which can provide a large range of pieces. Sometimes, this can save you a bit of cash or even time by simply going into a Westfield and checking out all the maternity lines available. Target, MyerDavid Jones, Kmart, Big WH&MJeanswest, Peter Alexander, Cotton On Body , Crossroads, and Bonds are all chain stores with maternity lines.

Boutique Maternity Wear Stores

Boutique maternity wear stores can vary in price, quality and style. If you are looking for specific items, a certain style, or simply to look through more options than a maternity line has to offer then boutique maternity wear stores are a great place to look. Some of our favourite boutique maternity wear stores are

Online Stores

Shopping online can be both a convenience and a risk. Online shopping can be great for those who have minimal time or physical ability to go scope out a whole bunch of stores for hours. It’s also easy to compare prices between different brands making sure you get the best deal. But online shopping also poses a lot of risks. Make sure that you only shop from trustworthy sites (Australian sites are often more of a safe bet) and that you check their returns policy to make sure you can always return items if they are faulty, the wrong size or not what they advertised. All of the stores above also have online shopping options but some of our favourite solely online stores are:

Second Hand Maternity Wear

For obvious reasons there’s a lot of people who no longer have use for their maternity wear. This means there’s a big market of second-hand maternity wear: one which you can cash into in many different ways.

Second Hand Stores/Op Shops

This is most likely how you would find your cheapest maternity wear. However, this price does come at a cost at the extra time it takes to look for what you need. Although, there is the other added bonus of (often) giving to a good cause!


Facebook market place and Facebook groups are both great ways to find second hand maternity wear. Often your local area will have a ‘Mums and Bubs’ group or a ‘Buy Swap Sell’ group to take out the hassle of having to drive far to pick up what you’ve bought. However, there is the same concern on Facebook as their is with online shopping with scammers. Make sure to check the seller is reputable and to not transfer anyone money in a way which is non-refundable (Paypal is a good method) before getting the product.

Online Auction Sites

Often you can find maternity wear on sites like Gumtree or Ebay. Again, these sites have the same issues with online shopping so it’s important to suss out the product and to make sure the buyer is reputable before making any purchases.



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