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Meningococcal Vaccine

Meningicoccal vaccine in babiesWould like to know if other parents have got or are thinking about getting their babies the new meningococcal vaccine. Just after other thoughts about it. I know it’s pricey that’s not an issue for me.


GP, Melissa, answers some FAQ on meningococcal

  • It’s not ‘untested’, vaccines don’t go on the market until they’ve been through extensive testing. What we lack is long term data in larger populations, which we will never get if people never get the vaccine. Kim
  • As a mother of a whooping cough baby who almost died.. $150 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. I used to have a “wont happen to me” attitude but I soon got put in my place. Danielle
  • It has been used on thousands of people overseas and trialled before that with the only risk factor so far being the high temps. It’s not a trial and has been approved to use it’s the same as immunizing against the strain of the disease or any other diseases, each have their own risks involved. I don’t think they would be allowed to immunize our kids if this was not safe, imagine the amount of ppl that would have a case if something happened. You would think that it would not be offered if not tried Natalie
  • I will be getting my daughter this vaccine when she is a little older. When I was 7 I had Meningococcal C and was hospitalised for 3 weeks. I was so lucky to not loose any limba etc where a girl who was in the next room to me lost both her arms I still remember so much about it and wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy Shani
  • Who knows the side effects or long term effects from this vaccine. I won’t being doing it. Sassy
  • I spoke to my GP about it and she didn’t recommend it. She said it was untested and risky. It’s $120. Lauren
  • No way! I’m tossing up about the chicken pox vaccines! New vaccines worry me, as you don’t know the long term effect. But each to their own. Jess
  • My DS had his first shot two weeks ago no side effects for him. Not even the temp. It was $145 he has his second in two months time. If you have private health insurance with top extras check your health fund as you maybe able to claim through your health fund. I am expecting another baby in Nov and the baby will be getting them when old enough to do so. This vaccine only got released in Aus this year, however it has been widely used overseas. Hence it’s not on the immunization register. I know they are putting in for it to be done. Jillie
  • Id call the immunisation registry and ask about the safety facts Brooke
  • I’ve had a child with such a disease VACCINATE YOUR KIDS no matter what the cost! if it causes fevers, give them panadol… Not a nice thing for kids nor their parents to go through,. My boy is one of the lucky ones! Ange
  • This new shot is the Meningococcal B, the current vacc program is for C. B is more common in Australia I think. Saskia
  • I DS had his done a week and half ago on recommendation from our pead. It cost us $140 but it is worth the decreased risk. Have seen what the the disease can do. He had no reactions at all to it Alisha
  • I asked the GP who specialise in paeds about it, he said best to hold it off as it’s still something quite new on the market Elizabeth
  • Our paediatrician said to wait until bub was 1 as they will only require the one vaccine. Otherwise it’s 3 vaccines a $150 each Erica
  • Yes getting it done for both my boys… 1 year old and a 2 year old…yep its definitely pricey bit one were willing to pay.hopefully it will become part of our vaccination schedule so those who cant afford it but want it,can do so Rebecca
  • I have got a script for it for my son just haven’t got it filled yet as he’s got a cold. It has been through all the testing that is required for drugs in Australia it just isn’t on the schedule yet which is why you have to pay. If you can afford it go for it I’d rather bubs have a fever for a day or two then him get meningococcal! Laura
  • I want it for my kids but I don’t have the money at the moment. It’s fully tested and is in use in other developed countries, it’s just new to Australia. Sam
  • Is this a once in a lifetime thing? Or will they need extra shots when older too? Pamela
  • I will be getting this for my son. Meningococcal is a terrifying disease where you can be sick at breakfast and gone by dinner. I am not taking any chances. People should also think of donating to the Amanda young foundation to fund more research. Kate
  • Can someone explain how they heard about this? I haven’t heard anything about it. My daughter is 2 and has had all the vaccines in the health centre book…does this mean she has to have more? I’m confused? Kim
  • Yes my 17 month old daughter has had it. She needed 2 doses which cost about $130 each and were given 2 months apart. Side effects were high temps and after the 2nd dose she had quite large runny poos. I was advised to give her panadol half hr before each dose to assist with minimising the high temps. I chose to have her vaccinated as I could not have lived with myself if she contracted Meningicoccal and there was something I could’ve done to prevent it. Christie
  • if i had the cash i would do it. the strains being vaxed against currently are almost eradicated. the new vax is against the strain that is responsible for about 80% of reported cases now. Dawn
  • I too didnt know it was available. Will definitely be speaking to my gp next time I go Cheryl
  • I had our done two weeks ago all good it’s recommended panadol before and for a day after can cause temps but we had none of that We had a dear friends son die of meningicoccal c before in the schedule so we never hesitated The meningicoccal b has been in New Zealand schedule for sometime $150 x 3 Katie
  • Meningococcal vaccination is one of the vaccinations where the likelihood of contracting the illness is not actually that high, but the cost of the illness is catastrophic. Whether of not it is worth vaccinating your child depends greatly on how you feel about risk taking…The meningococcal vaccines protect against an uncommon illness that has a high risk of death, but it is a relatively rare condition. There is not, as far as I am aware, significant epidemiological data about this vaccine, as compared, say, with pertussis (whooping cough), and it is for this reason that an informed discussion with your GP about the risks and benefits is really essential. The vaccine is pretty thoroughly tested, both here in Australia and overseas. There are always going to be some risks associated with a vaccine (much as any other activity) that need to be balanced against the benefits. Vaccine technology these days is quite good and we rarely see particularly nasty side effects (although – to be fair – these can happen). Unfortunately, misinformation about vaccines has lead to a certain degree of fear about vaccines in some areas of the community, which aren’t necessarily founded. I suspect that the vaccine will become part of the standard childhood immunisations in the future because of the morbidity and mortality that is associated with the disease and not because of its revalence.While no vaccine is ever 100% effective, one question that is worth asking: how would you feel if your unvaccinated child contracted meningococcal disease… Anthony
  • 80% of meningococcal cases in Aus are from this strain b. how awful I would feel if my kids got it- and I could have prevented it. that’s enough for me….I had my 7 month old and 3 year old done today (1st one) it cost $129 each. 7 month old will need 2 more. 3 year old will need 1 more. The pharmacy had to get it in specially, so I just gave them the scripts ahead of time. With my 7 month old the advice was to have it 1 month after her 6 month regular immunisations hence the wait. Mary
  • I asked my gp and she said her & the other gp’s in the clinic are not recommending it as it’s extremely rare to get that strain & the vaccine can cause fevers. I’m still undecided… Tracey
  • I’m getting my son done. It was recommended by my doctor who is vaccinating his Children as well Hayley
  • Yep we’re getting it for our 1 year old. Paediatricians advising to get it done… Comments re GPs advising not to sound a bit dodgy (the GP advice not the comment!). As previous comments have said it’s been available in NZ for awhile now and is on the Govt schedule in the UK and Canada as I understand … Meneesha
  • My 5.5 month old has had 2 of the 3 needles required 3rd and last due in two weeks it’s approx $150 per needle and she had no reaction other than a hot spot at injection site, my 7 year old also has had 2, his arm came up in a large red lump about 20cm wide both times and his arm was very painful for quite a few days, my Dr said it is a very painful injection so make sure you have some ice ready waiting at home for after. Kerry
  • I would be waiting till it’s been out awhile. While they must test things before they release them look what happened with that flu vaccine didn’t work. All good things have a defective period in my eyes Aileen
  • I’d do it.At what age can babies have it? I’d much rather vaccinate my children Vaccinations are extensively tested before being allowed on Australian Pharmaceutical market Raelene
  • I’d never heard of this til now. Will definitely look in to it. Tracey
  • Already vaccinated my 2yo. It’s a rare strain but oh so deadly. Better safe or $320 poorer than sorry. Didn’t even have the “common” symptoms. Aga
  • I didn’t even know there was a “new” vaccine for it out there.. Something I’ll be sure to bring up with my doctor ASAP! Hayley
  • I didn’t realise it had become available I’ll ask my GP when I next visit as my DS is almost 12 months and will be having meningococcal C then. Joanne
  • I definitely will be, I had meningococcal meningitis 6 years ago when I was 19. Was sent home by 2 doctors over 4 days before going to the hospital after my temp was over 40°. Doctors said I was 4 hours away from dying and was in intensive care for 2 weeks. Couldn’t imagine what my parents went through after getting ‘the talk’ from the doctors saying I most likely wasn’t going to make it. There’s just to many things in this world we have to worry about for our little ones, one less would be great Tanealle
  • My partner had meningococcal as a child. Luckily for him it was diagnosed early but he still ended up deaf in one ear as a result:( .. Ill definitely be getting bub this vaccine! Jennifer
  • My brother nearly died from this disease 10 years ago…having it affect me so closely…and watching the devastation…I will definately be getting my daughter immunised once it is proven to be safe and effective… Alyssa
  • I had my 4 month old get her first one a week ago. It’s $125 each and it’s a course of 4 shots. I think if you wait until 6 months old you only need to get 3. I made a rookie mistake of her getting that vaccine as well as her 4 month needles. Poor little thing didn’t have much if an appetite for a few days but I think that’s pretty normal with the usual 4 month shots from what I’ve read. I know a friend who got her little man’s, same age as my LO, first vaccination and had no reaction whatsoever!! It’s the most common and worst strain of menningococcal so totally worth the price. Sharon
  • New one? I’ve been getting meningococcal vaccines for about 20 years, I need 1 every 5 years as I have no spleen I have never had a problem with them. Sherree
  • My doctor is recommending I get it. I too am not sure, I was told bub will definitely get a fever from the shot, so that’s why Dr recommended doing it separately to the other shots. The child health nurse did not recommend it, commenting that the vaccine is so new and there might be other strains of the disease around. I think I will trust my Dr though and get it. Saskia
  • http://www.immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/immunise-meningococcal
    Good read for info and direct from government. Doctors take what they want from this info but its always good to read yourself. Also includes clinical trial side affects and recommendations. We are definitely getting it done. Lauren
  • Um im sorry but what this new vacc i have not been told about it my son is fully vaccinated i didn’t know that there was another one that you can get how do i find out about it n how much dose it cost Katrina
  • There are different strains of meningococcal and the strain which is vaccinated against is more prevalent in The eastern states. Unfortunately here in WA the more prevalent strain is not currently on the vaccination schedule. I am planing to get it for my bub not matter the cost. Louisa
  • My daughter was in intensive care with asthma before christmas and there was a little 15 month old, her age, with the strain that is now preventable with vacc (the other strain already is in the schedule). Yes it costs money now but they are looking to include it in the schedule towards the end of the year/next year. If you can afford it, do it now, it is a lethal disease Laura
  • Current vaccines don’t fully protect anyone here in WA anyway because only the strains found on the other side of Australia were federally funded for development into a vaccine. In WA we have meningococcal C and it should be added! We would definitely get a booster if it was available! Jillian
  • Of you have private health extras cover, check to see if it will help with the cost. It goes down to $35 a dose for us Christy
  • At what age can you get them vaccinated for it? When it comes to your childs life no matter how small of chance of them getting it it’s worth the money. I didn’t realise the vaccine was around but I now will be asking the doctor about it. Katrina
  • The highest risk groups are infants (less than 1) and teenagers (15-20) Mary
  • Yes asked my doc and she recommended waiting until 12 mths as they vac only very new. Fiona
  • We seriously considered getting it but decided to wait for when it was part of the immunization program. Delwin
  • Would of i could but there is honestly no way i can afford that. Struggling badly with money as it is. Tamea
  • My son has had the first. Dr said Best to have it separate (2weeks apart) from the other 2 month jabs – sig decreases chance of fever. 5% of bubs have been getting a fever which is higher than other vaccines, but not anything to worry about. Lisa
  • And check with your health insurance. We’re getting $90 back from ours. Aga
  • My 8 month old had the first dose about a month ago. Cost us $140 and we got $30 back from medibank. Will be getting her the second dose in a month’s time, and then she will have the final dose at 12 months. Carey
  • I contracted meningococcal c when I was 18 it nearly killed me in less than 12 hours! And I was a fit healthy teenager. I would hate to see my any small child suffer from this Anna

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