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Mini-Pill and Breastfeeding

The mini pill, or progesterone only pill, can be safely taken during breastfeeding, it will also have minimal impact on breastmilk supply.  Combination pills which have both oestrogen and progesterone can reduce breastmilk production. 

About the mini pill post partum

The mini pill should be commenced within 21 days of childbirth.  If it is started after this an alternative method of contraception should be utilised.  It is extremely important that the mini pill is taken at the same time each day to ensure it is effective to prevent contraception.   If you are more than 3 hours late to take the mini pill, you should use an alternative method of contraception until you take the pill correctly for 3 days in a row.  

I am looking for other mums’ experiences with taking the mini pill and exclusive breast feeding please… Our little man is almost 11wks now and I’ve been told two different things from two different midwives, one saying it will affect my supply. I’m just wondering about others’ experience as I’ve got an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow morning.

mini pill and breastfeeding

  • I’m on the mini pill and have been for 2 weeks. The doctor said it might drop my supply for a day or so but will pick back up again just let bubba drink when they want. She also said that for first day bub might look at you a bit funny over the “change in flavour” – “chocolate milk to strawberry milk” She said – but no issues their either my bub just got over it like she said. My supply has been fine and bubba been drinking fine. The doctor also said to give it try and see how goes and if any issues to go back. Sarah
  •  I took the mini pill with both my first babies and breastfed them until past 1 with no drama.   Amy
  •  I’m on it, started at 9wks, bub now is 11wks and I haven’t found a change in supply.   Tess
  • I’ve had no changes with my milk supply and I have been taking it since my son was 7 weeks old. By the looks of other comments it depends on the person. Unfortunately everyone is different. Good luck.   Mellitta.
  • My doctor told me the mini pill is safe for breast feeding just not the normal pills!   Bek
  • It shouldn’t affect your supply as its progesterone only and your bub is 11wks. I’ve heard reports that it can affect your supply if you start before 6wks when your milk supply is fully established. Everyone is slightly different though so I guess you can never say 100% but that’s why bf mummas are prescribed mini pill & not the combined pill.   Nikki
  • Haven’t done the pill as I would forget but have implanon and doesn’t affect bub nor I.   Taylor
  • Mini pill will not effect your BM supply, it’s the regular pill that would because of the oestrogen I think.   Claire
  • Bled pretty much the entire time I was on it. Had a great supply, bub fed well, don’t know if it’s coincidence but everything went down hill after taking it. Bub got fussy, wouldn’t feed, supply dropped and ended up switching to formula. Next time I will not be touching the mini pill.   Tiffany
  • I’ve found no effect on milk supply whatsoever with EBF & the mini pill.   Emma
  • I’ve been taking the mini pill since my bub was 8weeks old and my supply hasn’t changed at all, it shouldn’t affect your supply and to be honest I’ve never heard anyone say it does but still worth checking with the GP!   Jacqui
  • Mini pill hasn’t affected my milk supply at all.   Michelle
  • Have taken the mini pill with all four kids and had no supply troubles and successfully breastfed for about 14 months with each child.   Sonya
  • I took the minipill and it dried my milk up in a week and it took a month for me to get it right again taking motilium and fenegreek tablets. That being said I’ve always reacted badly to hormonal medications.   Paige
  • I found it severly dropped my supply and gave irregular period with bleeding more often. Eg 14-21 day cycle instead of 28.   Alana
  • I had a fantastic supply until I had an implanon put in same hormones as mini pill. …and now bub having to go on solids at 4 months as he’s underweight by .5kg …I would say wait if you can.   Alexsis
  • It is fine to take when BF. The only problem some ppl have is it can change the taste of breast milk. Hasn’t affected my supply at all. Give it a go, if it does happen to affect supply then stop. But if your period returns that can also affect supply. As can falling pregnant! And pretty much everything!   Jessica
  • I haven’t had any problems. My daughter is almost 8 months old and supply still good.   Melissa
  • I was referred the mini pill and choose not to take it until I have stopped breastfeeding for the reason of affecting the supply. If you are concerned enough about it, don’t take it. Being your son is 11 weeks old, you should still be okay until you have your first period (assuming you haven’t had one).   Melissa
  • Think it depends on the person. I found my supply dropped and I had on and off spotting which coincidentally bub would then refuse feeds… Was the beginning of the end of EBF for us.   Madeline
  • No problems with Breastfeeding or supply since starting the mini pill, didn’t notice a change at all xo   Rachael

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