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Which modern cloth nappies have mcl nappy mums found the best? Did you use them from newborn? Any other helpful hints and tips for cloth nappy care?

  • I use cushie tushies and baby beehinds multi fits, cushie tushies are good for newborns, they have stopped stocking alot of theirs so you cant find many designs but u can use what they call ‘nappy covers’ and buy the inserts to make them into a mcn 😀
  • Baby BeeHinds most definately. No need to wash straight away dry pale them, an extra 2 or or 3 loads of washing a week, pul covers only need to be washed every few days or up to a month depending on smell and how much they wee, they can just be aired out. Love them use them with my 1st and hes now 2.5 and just started using with my baby
  • Oh and dont soak them, just wash the poo off then wash them all together, napisan will ruin them apparently so i use normal detergent along with essential lavender oil to get rid of any smell 🙂 soaking them ruins the elastic, they also say to wash them 3 times before using them, once with detergent and twice with just water 🙂
  • Love Modern Cloth Nappies by Renee, very affordable and extremly cute, so many designs and they work just as well as the expensive brands, she stocks one size fits most and new born. I only use a small amount of laundry liquid, some wash with no detergent at all, and hang in the sun, nothing is more bacteria busting and stain removing than the good old sun 🙂
  • I love bettle bums and bonnie bums, they are super absorbent. I like wahm ones like abizma baby, I love buying nappies made by mums who make them with love. I’d sugest buying a few brands as some you will love some you will hate, personally I’ve gone off baby bee hinds.
  • I don’t use anything to wash mine but warm water and sometimes s few drops of tea tree oil, I find laundry powders and liquids make my nappies pong. I just dry pail and wash every 2-3 days
  • I haven’t heard many good things about cushie tushie’s tbh…
  • I use/d itti bitti tutto’s in my newborn last year, they were pretty big (one size fits most)but worked fine, I also bought issy bear nappies from about 2 months old and they are great too.. As she grew she started peeing more/heavier so I bought bonnibuns night nappies which are fantastic…they last long than my baby beehind night nappies… Tbh I think it depends on the child, as my dd has changed from birth to now at 12m old.
  • I’m due number three in jan and have itti bitti dlish, bamboo squares with covers and bonnibuns (think its a custom workhorse style so snap in insert with extra booster fitted in already) I have one of these for my daughter already and they are fantastic!
  • I wash them in soap nuts and soak them (poohey ones) in a tiny bit of canestan. I pre wash in half a capful of canestan then long baby wash cycle with soap nuts.
  • I have only pre washed my nappies once to get rid of any chemicals/bits from them being made/handled… I just change more frequently until they reach their max absorbency.Julie Gorse Oh and except the itti’s mine are all from wahms…gotta love the cloth!
  • I chose to go with FuzziBunz because they have a 1 year warranty on most of the parts and they have adjustments for both the leg and the waist. They have sized nappies, but they also have one-size nappies that can be used from newborn and when I first bought them with my new baby, they still fit my 2 1/2 year old so I will be getting a lot of use out of them. They also adjust using button elastic inside so they have a much trimmer fit in my opinion.

Did you use modern cloth nappies? Which ones did you prefer?

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